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Confirmed: Hellström's disc will be in December – Pages

music Håkan Hellström releases a new album on December 14th. Detects a star in a post at Instagram when it released its first new song on Friday's record since 2016. The album is called "Illusions".

The new single "Wait until spring" became available on Spotify and Apple music at midnight, and on its own website the author's video output.

After his concert in Ulla in 2017, Håkan Hellström announced that he would not be in concert or concert for a while because he wanted to bring new inspirations. It seems he came now also on Tuesday, the artist released a video on which he appeared to record new songs in the studio.

As before, he wrote with radar partner Björn Olsson, Olsson discovered Expressen.

The idea is that the disc will not be available until next year, but I do not want to talk too much about it. That's Håkan's record. But that's a joke. He is also cruel, "Björn Olsson told the newspaper.

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