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Dan Sten Olsson, 71, controls Stenu Line

His group has the courage in 2018, but still looks as if it is profitable. The 2018 forecast is a profit of 870 million marks ahead of tax. If you did not sell part of your property, you would land a multi-million dollar loss.

"Yes, there is not much that can withstand that kind of scent, you can say that. It is a heavenly journey that we are so diverse as we are and so we can deliver profits.

"We do this despite the fact that the drilling bit (oil drilling and more) fell by four billion. In addition, Stena Bulk (most oil traders) has suffered enormous losses but is turning.

Dangerous industry

Is the drill a great wizard?

"There's always been a great fluctuation in this industry, this kind of movement, it's cyclical, it's only three years since we've earned twelve billion for drilling and it's going to turn again.

The Stena Group is today in the world in various industries with a total of more than 19,000 employees. Most companies are flourishing and holding the losing industry under their control.

President of the Board Dan Sten Olsson owns 51 percent, his brother Madeleine Eriksson with his family and Stefan Olsson holds the remaining 49 percent.

Dan Sten Olsson has a personal fortune of about 40 billion SEK by Veckans Affärer. When the magazine listed its list by the end of 2017, it was on the spot eleven of the richest in Sweden and one in the hometown of Gothenburg.

Sten Allan succeeded

His father Sten Allan began as a small shipbuilder in Donsö in the southern archipelago of Gothenburg in the 30s and built the Stena line for over 40 years. Dan Sten has been leading and developing a group since 1983 when he has taken over and leads the empire business in many industries.

Dan Sten Olsson has a personal fortune of 40 billion according to Veckans Affärer.


Companies have about 20 billion kronor of liquid assets.

"That's because we can act and manage the movements we have. We have eight ships, for example, for Stena Line.

Do you have detailed information about all of your companies?

"Yes, I agreed to start all over again, so I have a lot of information in overtaking, which makes it easy for me to inform me.

"When we talk about succession, no one can have that kind of like me. Then, then, you go into another type of control, so it's good that I'm left, easily pronounced, haha.

Exercises every morning

How long will you continue?

"I'll think about it when I'm 75." Then you will see. You can not think that every year, but I'm driving five years ago.

How does it clean physically?

– I'm doing 25 minutes each morning. I did not do it when I was younger.

"It's a very simple movement, a lot of travel, about 100 days a year to make them in the hotel room. Make 120 lures, 120 hands on the wall, several legs and some other movements every morning.

"Five years ago, I was so risky when I went to the bike training and was tested, then I thought, this is crazy, if I do not have time for a quarter of a day and take care of my exercise, that's the way … It's not very wise.

There is no heir in the family

Do you have two children, and none of them do a full-time job at Sten? What happens to a family group on the day you finish?

"We will be organizing in a different way, and we are already preparing for it. That's why it simply happens to find the chief executive, but who could, I do not want to talk today.

Obviously no one in the new generation Olsson is in question. Is there something sorry for you?

– No no. You have to be built in a special way to live and work as I do. Work almost all of your awake time, take over that responsibility. I mean more and more that you have to look for your fortune in the way you are built.

Dan Sten Olsson will make a new decision on the future when he reaches 75 years.


Dan Sten Olsson thinks the most important fact is that children will be happy with what they are doing. The pressure to take someone may have a counter-effect, he says.

– Absolutely because the horror must be responsible for the company they do not want to be responsible for. So, no, I'm not sorry about it.

– Then I want to point out that they are so talented that they will become responsible owners. This is a natural step for the next generation to become the owner.

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