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Doctors have missed five-year lung inflammation – releasing Ivo's criticism

A five-year-old boy came to a high-temperature health home. The doctor advised her mother to wait two weeks, but only a few days later the boy was diagnosed with pneumonia. Despite the missing, Ivo puts an investigation into a doctor.

Ivo will close an investigation against a doctor at the health center in Svalöv.picture: Vilhelm Stokstad / TT

It was summer that the boy got a goddess. After nine days of high temperatures, her mother looked for him in a health center in Svalöv Municipality.

In informing Ivi, the Inspectorate for Nursing and Nursing, the mother describes that the boy was very loyal, coughed and was rough during the visit. She also told the doctor that the boy was barely likely to eat or drink, and felt that his breathing was affected.

According to the mother's announcement "The doctor stayed briefly in the study room and asked only a few questions."

After listening to the heart and lung and taking blood and throat, the doctor noticed that it was a virus and that he could only prescribe a cough medicine. The patient's breathing was caused by nasal congestion, the doctor said.

Words are against words when it comes to what was said during a visit. In the mother's version of what has happened, the doctor should give her advice to wait two weeks.

However, the mother did not feel comfortable after visiting the health center. When the boy's condition did not improve three days later, he refused medical advice and took the boys to the kindergarten in Lund.

It is established that the boy had developed double pulmonary inflammation and throat infection. The boy also had low oxygen values ​​and was therefore admitted to the Malmo Clinic for Infection.

My mother was later reported to a doctor at the health center in Svalvão do Iva. The boy's condition could become life-threatening if he would wait longer, the mother writes. The second part of the critique is that she believes the records on the medical diary are directly unclear.

After visiting the doctor, the doctor wrote in a journal that the boy was awake and cautious, ate and drank the way he should have, and had a 39-degree fever – tasks that were against his mother's experience.

The only job matching your mother's version is to wait two weeks.

But after that After investigating the incident, Ivo decides to close the investigation against the doctors without further action. Ivo writes in his decision that the physician made a medical assessment that was reasonable on the basis of the review, but points out that the documentation on the visit was inadequate.

The doctor stated in his response that he misunderstood when he wrote the diary. The mission of a mother who is waiting for two weeks is not correct. What he was really intending to write was two days, which is the time when he says his mother advised him to wait.

Ivo notes that the data in the boy's diary does not match the mother's. Her assignments are not questionable. However, Ivo in his decision writes that the continuation of the investigation can not make the clarity of what actually happened during a visit to the doctor and concludes the case.

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