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Ebba Hultkvist Stragne and Samuel Fröler compete on the track


Father and daughter at Skärgårddoktorn, featuring Ebba Hultkvist Stragne and Samuel Fröler, are competing in the premiere "On the Trail".

"Dream team", according to Ebb.

"We are not really two individuals who have the need to shine individually, but we are a team that refuses and trusts each other," she told Nöjesbladet.

The question overwhelmed her. "Help!" I meant Ebba Stragne, 35, when SVT asked if he wanted to participate in "On the track".

"It is somehow an honor for someone to think that you can put them there," she says to Nõjesbladet.

But nervousness went off after meeting and competing with teammates Samuel Fröler, 61, in the so-called "test program".

"I felt that I had the best team member with me, and it was very fun, so it was very difficult to say no. In that case it was because I was worried about what others thought, but I did not want to live. is to meet the challenge.

Ebba Stragne quickly became "Wilma" with the entire Swedish people in the extremely popular SVT series "Skärgårddoktorn", which was sent between 1997 and 2000. Ebba Stragne, then Hultkvist, daughter of daughter Johan Steens (Samuel Fröler). Now, 21 years later, they meet again at "On the Trail".

Ebba on Samuel: "It's nice to meet again"

"We've seen each other every ten years, I wanted to say for a while, but we were completely on every side, and we worked together so many years ago and met each other, meaning you can build a relationship and feel good even though he did not see us for several years, he added:

"I was then a kid, and now it's fun to meet again when somehow two are the same adults.

She believes that Samuel Fröler, with excellence in topics such as culture and sport, as well as his broad overview of things and interest in contemporary trends and issues, makes them a true team.

"We are not really two individuals who have the need to shine individually, but we are a team that refuses and trusts each other. If you may be a bit prejudiced, it may be that we as a woman and a man of different ages are snatching different things as well.

It is also a competitive "dream team". When the trial was over, Ebba Stragne began to learn in free time.

"Geography was actually one of my favorite items at school, but when I got that question I realized I could not do much. I would say I did not prepare a little while browsing the new atlas purchased.

New purchased for this program?

"True," she said with a laugh.

"I do not know whether I've ever had an atlas, nobody was in the process, I could watch it when the children were asleep, a quarter of it and there, but it is not possible to prepare it. now it has come to life.

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Ebba Hultkvist Stragne, 34 and Samuel Fröler, 61, compete together on "On the Track".

What kind of issues are you afraid of?

"I'm probably afraid of the history of Sweden, but there I actually bought a book I read quickly, from Gustav Vasa still picking me the most important thing for me is such a topic that has no age or connection with the real king.

Still, it sounds like you're a little skull skull?

– Absolutely, yes, but probably better if I'm good enough to get fresh knowledge. We actually sat and questioned the train. I had been playing football on the track, so we sat in a quiet wheelchair and quietly talked and questioned each other. And then Samuel brought the atlas we sat and turned to the record.

Is the goal to win?

"My main goal is to feel that we are satisfied with our efforts and that it is fun to think that you can contribute in some way and not get rid of it. But when you get to that, you will get a little more reward and will be very competitive.

Nöjesbladet searched Samuel Fröler over SVT.

Debbands Ebba Stragne and Samuel Fröler compete against returnees Bea Uusma and Kristoffer Appelquist.

"On the Trail" is the premiere tonight at 20 o'clock on SVT1 and SVT Play.

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