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Father's Day: Puppies work for several days of parents – News in Blekinge – 24 hours a day

According to data from Insurance Agency It is now the goal of fathers retreat 29.3 percent. The municipality in the country with the largest share of parenting days is Dorotea where the share of parenting days from father is 37.4 percent. That's the least Perstorp the municipality where the share of works was 21.6 percent.

"If the development continues at the same rates as it did over the past two years, in the spring of 2019. We will allocate the allocation of 70 to 30. By mid-2030 the distribution of female and male retirement will be completely equal, Niklas Löfgren, a spokesman for the family economist at the Cash Social Security for Cashier's Social Welfare, in a press release.

per government Instructions, the Social Security Fund must work on the equal use of parental allowance and temporary parental allowance. Parental insurance provides an excellent opportunity for both parents to take care of their children while they are able to get hired.

Each parent is entitled to a half-day of 480 days with parental allowance per child. At the same time, paper average withdrawal is only 106 days before children up to eight years.

10 most equal municipalities in paying parental allowance

Dorotea (women 62.6%, men 37.4%)

Högsby (women 64.7%, men 35.3%)

Umeå (women 65.3%, men 34.7%)

Härryda (women 65.5%, men 34.5%)

Norsjö (women 65.8%, men 34.2%)

Vaxholm (women 66.1%, men 33.9%)

Skellefteå (women 66.1%, men 33.9%)

Ekerö (women 66.2%, men 33.8%)

Knivsta (women 66.4%, men 33.6%)

Taby (women 66.7%, men 33.3%)

10 least equal municipalities in the payment of parental allowance

Perstorp (women 78.4%, men 21.6%)

Vingåker (women 78.1%, men 21.9%)

Haparanda (women 78%, men 22%)

Norberg (women 77.5%, men 22.5%)

Eda (women 77%, men 23%)

Torsby (76.8%, men 23.2%)

Åsele (women 76.6%, men 23.4%)

Colored countries (women 76.5%, men 23.5%)

Strömstad (women 76.5%, men 23.5%)

Stomach (women 75.9%, males 24.1%)

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