Monday , March 8 2021

Football defeats now reveal the PSG scandal

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U18 team of men Yann Gboho

Details of football flaws have already revealed that PSG has disrupted the Financial Fair Play with Ufa's good memory.

Now the big club is shaken by another discovery.

According to Mediapart, the club will fight the young academics between 2013 and spring 2018, based exclusively on ethnic background.

Footbolla Falls still deny the best European clubs. Prior to that, he revealed about Manchester City and the PSG's credible PSG financial records shook two clubs, and now scandals continue rolling in the latter big club.

But this time, far from the finals of football engineers, this is true of young teenagers who, according to Mediapart, who viewed the documents still being investigated in journalism, should be discriminated against because of politics in the club where players are sorted out of ethnic origin.

"The best I can give everyone"

According to the French site, PSG will have the policy of not including any player of ethnic African origin from 2013 in the spring of 2018. This is an example of a French U18 team member Yann Gboho, now in Rennes, who held the academy in 2014 just because he was black. The filmmaker Serge Fournier was one of those who discovered Gboho's great talent. He made a scout report where he handed 2+.

– 2+ is the best rating I can give to anyone except 1. But you just give it Mbappé types. I never got one in my career.

Serge Fournier also confirms that the PSG survey reports should fill the ethnicity of the players: France, West Indies, Black Africa or North Africa. Something French law is illegal.

"PSG has never wanted to sign any contract with any player born in Africa because you can never be sure of the date of birth," Fournier said.

"Request from the Board"

Media partners also met meeting meetings at which the PSG Academy talked about the future of Yann Gboho. There, head of scout Marc Westerloppe said:

"We'll be back on this topic (Gbohos), but I do not want to be a ruined king, but there is a problem with this club, we need ethnic diversity, and there are too many Indians and Africans in Paris"Says and continues later:

"It is a shame that we will find the same players already in Paris, this is a requirement of the board."

According to Media Media, this meeting has caused an internal scandal. However, leading people in the PSG buried the case and the guidelines were there until 2018.

PSG admitted that scouts categorized players as described, but said it was done without the board's knowledge.

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