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Ford can not call Ford Gothenburg post

Joeseph Kendrick and Ingrid Bergström Kendrick live in Sävedalen, Partille, outside Gothenburg, and was her first child a year ago.

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"He just started to realize that the person called Ford and when he asks" Where is Ford ", points to himself. It would be strange for him to rename it now, says Ingrid Bergström Kendrick.

Like many others, his parents searched online and both came to Ford.

"Then, when we found out that Ford was the first name in Joeseph's family, we thought it was even better. I would understand that this is a great name, but it is not, and we did not think it was going to happen. could think about it and avoid being in conflict with the names, she says.

"Surprised and shocked"

Also, Joeseph Kendrick could not imagine the name of the son would be enough.

"I was surprised and shocked in Canada, Ford is both name and surname, where my last name is also given as a name, but now, after a long wait, we have finally said that the Supreme Court will warn the case, it feels a bit of hope, he.

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Tax authorities, administrative law and attorneys' council also rejected Ford as a Swedish name, but Ford's parents now have a trial of the Supreme Administrative Court after the appeals. The trial is expected to last for one year. If he did not go, then the couple thought about the names where the "ford" part of the name, as in Clifford, Fordu and Fordu.

"But he will always get a hot Ford of course and, as I understand, it might be easier to change the name when you are 18. Then you are grown up and the authorities are not that strong," says Ingrid Bergström Kendrick.

In their appeal, parents are referring to the Chamber of Commerce's decision by the earlier name in 1982, which had a more generous attitude towards the suitability of the name, but also writes:

"We also want to point out that today's multicultural society must reasonably lead to a very generous assessment of what can be considered the first name in today's Sweden."

Three requests were met

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In order for the name to be approved, three criteria are considered to be fulfilled. It must not cause an offense or risk to cause a carrier unpleasant or otherwise inappropriate. This is the latter condition that Ford falls on.

"Yes, the name is a surname and a relatively well-known surname because the president called it," says Agneta Carlquist, a business developer at the Swedish Tax Agency.

The fact that in Sweden there are people called Ford in the first name, there is no reason to say the Kendrick pair, because Swedish names are strongly emphasized in the new team from last year.

– The rules are tighter and it's not 100% sure we've approved the name under the old name law. Instead, it may be people who have moved to Sweden and called Ford on behalf of them. There are people who have very strange names, but people come to Sweden and name something so you can get them, "says Agneta Carlquist.

Fact: There is so much Ford in Sweden

65 people have Ford as their last name

A total of 28 people have Ford as their name

A total of 3 women have Ford as their name

8 men have Ford as its name

0 Women have Ford as their name

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