Tuesday , April 20 2021

Germany is still in Sweden at Fifa rally – Sport – Corren.se

Journalist Östgöta Correspondent was founded in 1838 by Henrik Bernhard Palmaer. Since then many things have happened. The magazine, now published on paper and on digital, joined a number of channels and developed into a media house. With Östgöta korespondent, Corren.se and Linköpings-Posten, Media Center Media Center Corren Östergötland is the largest news agency. The company is part of the NTM AB group.

Responsible publisher for corren.se:
Maria Kustvik

For corren.se journalists:
Nils Gruvebäck

Video Action Leader:
Emelie Looyenga

Then we work with the news. Laws and rules for our media channels.

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