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Grande: impossible to scratch – culture and fun

music During Arianna Grandes' latest "Dangerous Woman Tour" tour, a concert in Manchester was interrupted when the bomb exploded in the public sea. The May 2017 terrorism council has killed 22 people and more than a hundred injured.

Now, the 25-year-old star talks about her feelings after the tragedy, CNN writes.

"Music is a flight, music is the safest thing I know, when something life is going so badly and wrong in your life, which would have the opposite – shocking and heartbreaking in a way that can not be denied," writes a letter to fans from February this year.

Then more than eight months have passed since the attack, and Grande writes that every day he is thinking about the event and will do it for the rest of his life. She is also honoring the victims, their families and their fans.

"The residents of Manchester and the families affected by this terrible tragedy have permanently affected all of us the rest of our lives."

The letter appears in the new Youtube document showing the life behind the scenes on Grandes' tour.

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