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Great job at Majori in Gothenburg after the fire

About 16.50 on Friday afternoon, emergency services and emergency aid arrived at the Majora address.

– You sent a lift truck and three fire extinguishers. The police were notified and sent a flight, alert and operator to the SOS Alarm.

The fire broke out on the seventh floor.
The fire broke out on the seventh floor.

According to the rescue service, that was the main fire. Insidera was talking about the black smoke coming out of the balcony.

Fully developed fire

– A completely disrupted firehouse on the seventh floor was proclaimed a rescue service in Greater Gothenburg.

It is estimated that 25 fighters with ten units on the spot.

Smokers looked at the apartment.

According to the police, no outside person is injured, but according to rescue service, the person must be taken to the hospital.

Gabriella Ericsson, witness fire.

Gabriella Ericsson lives alongside the house as it burns fire.

"It's very scary because this is where I grew up, and my mom lived a few years ago, you're worried about people's injuries, I'm a little shaky in the voice, which makes me very strong to see that happens, she says.

Big blockages

According to the police press, Thomas Fuxborgu, there was a great fire that broke out in the big house.

– It'll burn as a seventeen. It's a seven story house. The house has a total of 179 people.

At 17:40 the police could declare the fire was extinguished.

– The rescue service shut down the fire. The fire was restricted to the apartment where it burned fire. However, there was a great risk of spreading to other anguish with 179 people, Fuxborg said.

Examined as a fire fire

The police investigate the incident as a fire. But there is no information about the crime.

"We started a preliminary investigation into the killings that you always do in real estate where people live.

No one needed space from the nearby apartments.

– On the other hand, they blocked us down the street. It is about Karl Johansgatan, General Road, Kaptensgatan and Skeppsgossegatan, says Thomas Fuxborg.

The rescue service sent the first release announcement to the event. You wrote this in the introductory stage:

"The city of Gothenburg was rescued just seven o'clock in the seven-storey home of the house before 17 pm At the beginning, the forces were disturbed by multiple stations, and we have about 10 units, including management features, with a total of about 25 employees. the person in the property was not currently needed to evacuate. The person was taken to the hospital. "

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