Saturday , January 23 2021

Half of the employees went to the Directorate for Equal Opportunities

STOCKHOLM Newly Gender Equality has problems with the work environment. Internal research suggests that more than half of the employees are at risk of exhaustion.

Internal health research of employees at Equal Opportunities has shown that more than half will probably be burned, according to Sveriges Radio.

"Clearly, this is something I seriously understand. Together we have to look at how we will move forward, and we have done this together with the unions and the security delegates," says Lena Ag, Director of the Board, at Sveriges Radio.

Gender equality has not existed for a long time. The Agency was established in January 2018 and has the task of analyzing gender issues and helping other bodies in gender equality.

But only ten months after its founding, more than 70 percent of staff said it was at risk of an accident.

More than half of their employees say they have difficulty sleeping and risk fatigue due to stress.

"It's very sad if employees do not feel they are heard or caught," says Lena Ag.

The Director for Equal Opportunities has previously issued 530,010 kronor of contributions to the Association of People Who Want to "Get Out of Faith in the Public."

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