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Hands-on – Rage 2 is a violent violence

anger it was a pretty weird game. The creators of Dooma and Quake wanted to force us into daylight after he invented more or less the corridor pillar. Now we wanted to discover the whole new world, fun with Carmack's mega textures and filled with mutants instead of demons. At the same time it was anger as the best in indoor space, which is in sharp contrast to the backdrop of Avalanche Studios.

You can not miss it Beating 2 dressed in a pastel and screaming way, though he is playing far from the glamorous as the first trailer drove us. Or a somewhat miserable musical performance at the Bethesdini E3 conference last year. When Tim Willits presents the game, he jumps on how the Id game finally found other color palettes of four shades of brown and we still have to agree with it.

"I was not alone in getting strong vibrations of Bulletstorm"

Our clock in Beating 2 begins with about a quarter of the game while Willits carefully points out that the open world can theoretically be anywhere at this time. We have a significant gunshot arsenal gun, a pistol with ammunition to revive gravity and various ridiculous, but the abilities that will be your best friends. Hulk jumping and dropping on human heads, pushing them into the air (preferably in combination with the closing lead) or why not open the field of force because it is practically just you who can penetrate? Willits takes us to a small testing lab where he lays a smile on his lips showing how weapons and abilities can be combined to make a shocked enemy made of fireworks. We are encouraged to be creative and I was not in the strongest Bulletstorm-vibbar. Which fits well when revenge is the main character of the main character. Nothing says "now it is gone!" Like the lows of hundreds of mutants.

Some mutants have more resistance than others when we shoot their limbs

Despite feeling that half of the game's population can be eradicated on a long weekend, you can always develop your killer capacity. Especially the aspects you personally prefer. Three strong people in the wild will be happy to upgrade your skills, your weapons or your vehicle. As long as you first bump your back, of course. And when I write "rubbing their backs", I mean kill something. Bazar over the Mutant Bash TV, which you will surely remember from the first game (or Ios Spinoff!) And without the spell of "fun!" Beating 2 it does not really matter, so it's getting tough for me. What in itself does not have to be anything negative.

A clear example is when I walk in a small town where a business owner says that he loves to buy all the adventurers who gathered in the wild. There are two other men in one corner and argue with each other that they look the same, as if they are a criticism that the games are often filled with twins and trophies. We have a few tips on how to spend our limited time with the game, but we really have no other limitations. There are also major tasks in the city and smaller excursions for those who listen to the conversations of residents or simply initiate them. The most interesting arches were excavated before the war, filled with technology that facilitated the reestablishment of society. Now that is not so and if you have not been robbed, you will often be richly rewarded if you can find it.

Looking for mega textures

Because it opens the world anger it was quite uninteresting – I think I found an exciting thing out of the big waterways – initially ignore all the markings and drive straight from the mountain. It is in this area that the dominant color is "earthy brown", but during the presentation we saw a helicopter for one man (who, I suppose, I can drive) is touched by dense junks, swamps and other flora that witnessed variations in the environment.

"Shaky chick I mean and ride"

After stomping the carriage (remembering the vehicle in this code) I found myself walking on foot. However, around every bend I find something I'm going to shoot, and since the dead men are driving a motorcycle badly, my handicap is short-lived. I stop at the gas station, juggle some unpleasant enemies in the air, crush others with aggressive forces and borrow their cars while decorating dolls. "Wrong chick" I mean, and I drive on. There are some extraordinary missiles I never control, so when I find a solid car with a catablammar on the roof, I kill so many enemy vehicles that I almost tire of my finger.

Battles on the vehicle can be better than the first game

Given the lack of personality of the first game, it's hard to break testosterone "Ah, yes, new anger!" but Beating 2 I feel like a game of Avalanche, paired with the weapon that feels solid and difficult – unusual in other titles of Stockholm studies where "paun" is a more appropriate parabola. There is a lot to do and if you get tired of the panda sling, there are huge armored escorts to dust, run racing and revealing secrets.

Beating 2 is really a bit of violence, filled with explosions and onelineries. Instead of excessive consumption of soft drinks and cotton candy, imaginative combinations of murders will make us stay closed. Already this short trip proves that Avalanche is much more competent in the open world than I ever will be. Combined with the heavy slaughter in Texas, there is a chance that the promises that the first game failed to incorporate into.

Rage 2 was released on May 14 in Windows, Xbox One and Playstation 4. We tested the PC version.

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