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Hard debut, but Gates loved the atmosphere – Sport

The famous girl – daughter of Bill Gates founder – stands on her feet and has been helped by the world band Harrie Smolders in the serious effort of elite riders.

The debut at the concert in friends could be more fun, but Gates, 22, seemed most entertaining.

I was really happy with the horses. It's a new partner for me. I made some mistakes, but it's really a good horse and it will be exciting to meet him, "she says.

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Jennifer Gates loved the atmosphere at Friends Arena.

Smolders had previously driven 13-year-old Pastor Capital Colnardo and a pretty new acquaintance to Gates.

Just a month since I was riding him.

Visiting friends is her first. And after the 1.45 class late on Friday night, she celebrated the event.

Actually I'm impressed with the atmosphere and the arena. It can not be better.

The weekend is on a program of several classes, but as far as Gates is competing, she is not really sure.

I have only a horse with me so I can talk to my coach about what to bet, but what I choose will be fun, she says.

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