Tuesday , July 27 2021

How dare I do what Andreas Dackell did?

Andreas Dackell does not really want to be a sports manager in Brynas. He enjoys everyday life as an entrepreneur and youth leader.

But Dackell is faithful to the law of his heart Brynäs IF. So, when Stefan Bengtzen's sports director split early in the season, Dackell sought to become a temporary sports director.

He came to the table with old friends – with the same hearts for Brynas.

Tommy Sjödin played 15 seasons in Brynäs, and was the head of the five-season club, Sjödin took over the main menu after Roger Melina last year.

Janne Larsson played for the 16 season in Brynäs and was the leader in twelve seasons.

Anders Dackell played 14 seasons in Brynäs and was the leader for three years.

These three are like family members and have experienced many successes and troubles together.

On Saturday, the trio celebrated the win in Örebro together.

Dackell could be happy

After the bad start of the season, Brynäs is in disintegration.

Anders Dackell could be quite pleased with that.

He could stay low until he was replaced, and Brynas started with a new sports director (a job Dackell said he did not want).

What were you doing in a similar situation?

Anders Dackell did not think of himself, not Janne Larsson, and not Tommy Sjodin,

Andreas Dackell was thinking about Brynjina only the best.

He hit his close friends.


No, this is the reality of professional racing.

There is no place for those who are too kind and sentimental.

You can not consider old friends here.

No, if you want to be successful.

He's harder than most

Andreas Dackell was an age-old player who was in one of the best NHLs in the seasons and won two SM Golds as a Brynas player.

178 cm Dackell played as 198 cm and he rarely lost a sneaky duel.

It was only harder than most players. He is the same as the leader.

"We feel we're not well-behaved in the ice game," he said cold-bloodedly, and Dackell also said:

"Leadership was not clear enough in everyday life and the game.

"We are looking for more in Brynas IF.

Sundquist deserves its chance

After Tommy Sjödin comes to the former assistant coach Magnus Sundquist.

Exciting rookie as the main coach in SHL.

Sundqvist deserves his chance

He was the chief coach for 13 years in the ice hockey of Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Sundqvist was not in NHL. Sundqvist did not play in Brynas, has never celebrated SM gold with Dackell.

Sundqvist and Dackell come from different worlds and are not old friends.

It does not matter to Anders Dackell.

He concluded that Brynäs was the best that Magnus Sundqvist became the main coach.

And then it was.

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