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"I want to vomit, cry and say everything"

It was clear in November 2018 Hannah Count Karyd, 40, and do Peter Karyd, 43, should be different. The couple married in 2008 in Vellinge, Skåne, and they have two children together. Back then, Hannah has two sons.

Since the beginning of the year, the whole family lives in Marbella, where Hannah worked as a real estate agent. In April 2018 Peter and Hannah celebrated a tin wedding – that is, ten years in marriage.

On her Instagram, Hannah shared her picture with Peter and celebrated her big day. "Now we celebrate a tin wedding. Ten years of marriage today," wrote Hannah and concluded with the hashtags # eternal love of the trumpet and love.

Hannah Graaf and Peter Karyd
Hannah Graaf and Peter Karyd married in Malmö 2008. Image source: Bonny Håkansson / TT Image

"It was a common decision to go in different ways." We fought and tried, but then we stopped and we are here. We did not give up easily and without fighting in every case, "Hannah wrote in her blog.

It's been nearly six months since it was clear that the couple should be different, and on her blog Hannah talks about how she feels. Now the situation is described as "chaos".

"Right now I'm in a lot of ruins, I have to sweep a thousand lives, but unfortunately, not just for me … it has to try to fix it as much as possible."

Hannah Count
Hannah Graaf is talking about hard time now. Image source: Stella Pictures.

Hannah describes separation as "divorce in the ass".

"Stage that I would like to be able to easily solve, cry, excuse, and simply break down, but unfortunately it fails," Hannah writes.

We hope Hannah will soon feel better.

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