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Infinite in midnight between Sundsvall and AFC

Infinite in the "midnight game"

fromAndreas Käck, Michael Wagner

Sundsvall. The clock was long after midnight when the referee blew a 0-0 event.

At that time the band was heard from the home field at Gif Sundsvall.

– My players had better concentration in this game than in those we played earlier in the evening, AFC Coach Nemanja Miljanovic says.

Never before did the all-Swedish soccer match take place in two days. But that happened exactly yesterday. Or should we say today …?

The lowest match between Gifa Sundsvall and AFC Eskilstuna was suspended on Saturday at 23:00 and did not end until 00:49 on Sunday.

Burned a giant way

The slope, however, became a dumb story. Ironically.

There are two main ways.

After 40 minutes, AFC's William Eskelinen found a gap in reaching the goalkeeper's passade.

However, the match ends 0-0.

– Usually you are sleeping and sleeping at this time, says Gif Sundsvall coach Joel Cedergren at C More and who, after the next conference, as well as domestic dance, expressed disappointment with the result.

– I'm frustrated that we fail to create more chances and win the game. AFC played with a six-component line and we were hard hit. I also saw the frustration of the player, says Cedergren.

"But late opening did not affect anything we were not good enough. That was a different and exciting thing, Sundsvallstränaren thought.


When the final signal was signaled, a shattered sound was heard at the stand.

Resources? That number 950 was the best Sundsworth this year – and Chidi Omeja had to return after 15 months of injury absence.

The question is whether the start-up initiative will come back:

It was a little strange to change this time. Change schedule throughout the day. There is nothing I would like to do many times in the future, says Pa Konata, who has suffered from cramps in the last few minutes and was forced to leave early.

Maic Sema:

– I thought it was the first joke to play this late. But it was fun to try something new. It's a shame that the audience did not respond better. Now it will be interesting to see when I fall asleep in the morning …

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