Tuesday , July 27 2021

Jonathan Nilsson was injured – when he played football


Patric Johansson and Jonathan Nilsson.

Jonathan Nilsson's national defender Helsingborg hurt his shoulder in the qualifying match for team 4 in football.

Stupid and unobtrusive moods made it the first.

However, Helsingborgs Dagblad reveals that Nilsson has played football Vanneberga several times in recent seasons without Helsingborg's knowledge. Only this year, Nilsson made ten matches in Division 5 with a qualifying match.

Coach Patric Johansson is banned.

"Here players reduce time and effort to succeed, move forward, and together in the group we help each other and we get this, the fan is right on his face, he feels like, says HD.

Nilsson is sorry:

"I played football because I thought it was fun and I met all my friends from home." "I have a lot to do, then I'm sad to be able to imagine better.

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