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Kadiatou was asked to kiss "wrong" William in "Idol"

"Idols" Kadiatou Holm Keita: "A little unnecessary" – TV4: "Not a misunderstanding"


She met William Strid.

However, in the TV4 live show, Kadiatou Holm Keita was asked to kiss William Segerdahl instead.

"It was a little unnecessary," she said.

Love fell in cultures "Idol" in the autumn and afterwards William Strid, 21, left the competition last week he and Kadiatou Holm Keita, 18, they confirmed they were coming.

But last Friday, Kadiatua was asked to kiss the wrong William.

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Gina Dirawi kisses coup in "Idol" against Kadiatou Holm Keita and William Segerdahl

When the theme of music was love, the program manager was embraced Gina Dirawi, 27, in the shape of a heartbeat and launched the so-called "kisscam" where he immediately got the only remaining girl in the competition, Kadiatou Holm Keita together with William Segerdahl, 16.

Call: "Come Now"

Over millions of people, "Idol" had last night the highest observed digit, Gina Dirawi tried to suppress:

– Can we get something? And high 5? Go now, still hug. Love usually goes here to "Idol," she said in a live show, while Kadiatou was increasingly embarrassed and embarrassed.

Photo: Naina Helen W. Jåma

Kadiatou looked embarrassed when he finished "kisscam" with the wrong William

Even William Segerdahl looked so embarrassed when they failed to make a high value for the first time and finally hugged each other.

"I thought it was fun but there was nothing between us," says William Segerdahl, who even after some broadcast got some more questions from his fans.

– Some have become so similar: "Well, is that right?" But most people thought it was fun. You can take it with little salt rubbing, "he says.

Photo: Naina Helen W. Jåma

It has become a failure 5 when Kadiatou is called to kiss the "wrong" William

Kadiatou did not even prepare for the feature that appeared in camouflage.

"I had no idea that he would come. When we were singing duets together, many people said" Kadi and William, "but that's not true.

It is not a misunderstanding

Are you angry?

"No, it did not bother, it was just TV, but it was a bit unnecessary," she says.

After Kadiatou Holm Keita and William Strid supposed to meet, he speculated that TV4's production accidentally compiled Kadiatua with the wrong William. TV4 rejects it:

"It was not true that this was a misunderstanding," said Tanja Tabrizian Selfors, a journalist for "Idol".

Photo: Naina Helen W. Jåma

"Come on, still hug." Gina Dirawi invited Kadiatua and William Segerdahl to the live show.

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