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Last Driver Ready – Overview of All Elite Team Units by 2019

Jason Doyle, Tai Woffinden and Joel Andersson - Three hot drivers before 2019. Stock Photo: TT / DT / NT


Ready for 2019: Greg Hancock (Incoming Section 2,203), Nikolaja Busk Jakobsena (1.250, Novo, did not perform in Sweden 2018), Joel Kling (0.862), Artur (1.506), Patryk Dudek (1.740), Oliver Berntzon (1.506), Jakov Thorssell (1.270, New from Rospiggarne) , new from Masarne), Kacper Gomolski (0.5, New from Indians).

losses: Krzysztof Kasprzak (1,385), Ready For The Lions, Hans Andersen (1,362), Leading in the Elite Series in 2019, Frederik Jakobsen (1,250), is not leading the elite series in 2019, Joel Larsson (0.5), ready for Västervik, William Björling (0.5), ready for Lav.

coach: Peter Karlsson continues.


Ready for 2019: Tai Woffinden (entry section 2.143), Chris Holder (1.660, new from the lion), Anders Thomsen (1.612), Piotr Protasiewicz (1.556), Kenneth Bjerre (1.545), Krystian Pieszczek (1.290, not in Sweden 2018), Joel Andersson 0.875, New of Masarne), Ludvig Lindgren (0.826), Christoffer Selvin (0.5), Jonathan Grahn (0.5) Anton Woss (0.5), Simon Gustafsson (0.5), Niklas Fridell (0.5).

losses: Vaclav Milik (1.861), who is not in the elite series of 2019, Adrian Miedzinski (1.174), who left this summer, does not lead the elite series in 2019, Bjarne Pedersen (1.029), who does not deal this summer with elite series Victor Palovaara (0.786) Vetlanda, Kacper Gomolski (0.5), ready for Dackarna.

coach: Peter Johansson continues.


Ready for 2019: Maksim Drabik (1.564), Rohan Tungate (1.542), Timo Lahti (1.414), Krzysztof Kasprzak (1.385, New from Dackarne), Kevin Wölbert (1.250, New, did not play in elite series 2018), Kacper Woryna (1.196) Mathias Törnblom (0.5), Robin Aspegren (0.5, Novo, did not run 2018), David Ruud (0.5,, William Björling (0.5, new from Dackarna).

Output drivers: Adrian Gheorgh (0.5), Oskar Rikardsson (0.5), Jonas Jeppesen (0.5).

losses: Chris Holder (1.660), ready for Indians, Piotr Pawlicki (1.645), does not lead in the 2019 elite series. Oskar Fajfer (1.250), who was ready for Masarna, Viktor Bergström (0.714), not driving to Elite League 2019. , Kenny Wennerstam 0.5), ends, Alexander Edberg (0.5) finishes.

coach: It is not clear.


Ready for 2019: Aleksandr Loktajew (1,952, new, did not drive in Sweden 2018), Antonio Lindbäck (entry 1,480), Nick Morris (1,382, new, did not drive in Sweden 2018), Kim Nilsson (1,333), Vadim Tarasenko (1,250, (1.250, new from Lejonen / Västervik), Martin Smolinski (1.250, new, not driving in Sweden 2018), Alexander Liljeqvist (0, 5), Philip (1.250, new, did not drive in Sweden 2018), Oskar Fajfer Hellström Bängs (0.5, new, moved from his own young company), Jesper Persson (0.5).

Output drivers: Robin Norman (0.5), Andreas Lindblom (0.5).

losses: Przemyslaw Pawlicki (1.472), ready for Smederna, Linus Sundström (1.234), ready for the pirates, Joel Andersson (0.875), Adrian Cyfer (0.913), is not in the 2019 election, ready for the Indians, Artur Czaja (0.688), ready for Dackarna, Emil Millberg (0.5) ready for Rospiggar, John Lindman (0.5), ready for Västervik.

coach: Andreas Sundin continues, adding another name.


Ready for 2019: Niels-Kristian Iversen (1,922 new entry from Smederne), Mikkel Michelsen (1,531, new from Smederna), Daniel Kaczmarek (1,435, new, not in Sweden in 2018), Pawel Przedpelski (1,353, new from Dackarne), Kai Huckenbeck Jonas Davidsson (1.064, new from Vetlanda, and he has been on pirates as 2018), Daniel Davidsson (0.600), Henrik Bergström (0.5, 1.500), Linus Sundström (1.234, new from Masarne, new from Västervik).

Output drivers: Benny Johansson (0.5). Anton Woss (0.5, outbound contract with the Indians) wrote to the Indians, but in 2018 he wrote to the pirates and then to all the English, visiting drivers.

losses: Dominik Kubera (1.317), ready for Vetlanda. Victor Palovaara (from Indians to Vetlanda), Johan Jensen (extended contract from Vetlanda) and Kenny Wennerstam (dismissed) were all written in elite clubs but borrowed to pirates and then to all English, guest drivers in 2018.

coach: Fredrik Staaf continues, Jerry Bengtsson's assistant.


Ready for 2019: Jason Doyle (Entry Sector 2.397), Robert Lambert (1.803), Andreas Jonsson (1,671), Max Fricke (1,493), Gleb Chugunov (1,250), Erik Riss (1,250, New of wolves in all Swedish), Tero Aarnio (1,086), Rasmus Jensen 5, Masrian), Adrian Gheorghe , 5, new from Lejonen), Andreas Westlund (0.5).

losses: Sam Masters (1.291), ready for Västervik, Jacob Thorssell (1.270), ready for Dackarna, Freddie Eriksson, step forward, Kenneth Hansen (0.611), does not lead in the elite series of 2019.

coach: Conny Ohlsson is replaced by Mikael Teurnberg.

The Smiths

Ready for 2019: Fredrik Lindgren (entry 2.218), Michael Jepsen Jensen (1.848), Przemyslaw Pawlicki (1.472, New from Masarne), Pontus Aspgren (1.355), Andzejs Lebedevs (1.341), Grzegorz Zengota (1.146, New from Västervik), Linus Eklöf) , Mateusz Szczepaniak (0.833, New, did not deal in elite series 2018), Alexander Woentin (0.5), Daniel Henderson (0.5, New from Västervik).

Output drivers: Rasmus Broberg (0.5), Johannes Stark (0.5).

losses: Niels Kristian Iversen (1.922), ready for the pirates, Krzysztof Buczkowski (1.468), ready for Västervik, Mikkel Michelsen (1.531), ready for the Pirate.

coach: It is not clear, Stefan Jarl ends.


Ready for 2019: Bartosz Zmarzlik (entry 2.299), Troy Batchelor (1.576, new, did not drive in Sweden in 2018), Brady Kurtz (1.366), Jakub Jamrog (1.515, New, did not drive in Sweden 2018), Dominik Kubera (1.317, Andreja Lygera (1,250, new, did not play in elite series 2018), Szymon Wozniak (1,182), Victor Palovaara (0,786, New Indians), Filip Hjelmland (0,5), Johan Jensen (0,5), Jonathan Ejnermark 0,5 , new, not started in elite series 2018).

Output drivers: Kasper Lykke Nielsen (0.5).

losses: Artem Laguta (2.359), who is not performing in the elite series in 2019, Leon Madsen (2.238), does not lead the elite series in 2019. Tobiasz Musielak (1.357) who left this summer does not lead the elite series in 2019. Jonas Davidsson 1,019), ready for the pirates Tomas H Jonasson (1.027), who is not in the elite series in 2019, Rasmus Jensen (0.858) left this summer, ready for Rospiggar, Ricky Kling (0.833), ending Robert Miskowiak (0.733) not driving in the 2019 elite series Magnus Karlsson (0.556), do not show in the elite series 2019.

coach: Mikael Karlsson ends, replaced by sports director Michael Wirebrand, who will lead the team only in 2019.


Ready for 2019: Nicki Pedersen (entry section 2.277), Peter Ljung (1.630), Jack Holder (1.478, New, did not drive in Sweden 2018), Krzysztof Buczkowski (1.468), Peter Kildemand (1.458), Bartosz Smektala (1.387), Sam Masters , new from Rospiggarna), Mikkel B Jensen (1.271), Philip Olofsson (0.5), Joel Larsson (0.5, New from Västervik), Anton Karlsson (0.5), John Lindman (0.5, New from Masarne).

Output drivers: Alex Johansson (0.5).

losses: Matej Zagar (1.933), who is not in the 2019 elite series. Nikolai Klindt (1.667), ready for the lion, Martin Vaculik (1.595), does not run in the elite series in 2019, Patrick Hougaard (1.250) Grzegorz Zengota) was launched this summer, ready for Smederna, Oscar Fajfer (1.079), ready for Masarna, Henrik Bergström (0.5), ready for the pirates, Daniel Henderson (0.5), ready for Smedern.

coach: It is not clear.

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