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"Life is weird 2": When was Episode 2 released? | MovieZine

The emotional journey of the brothers Sean and Daniel will continue soon.

Since the release of the first episode, many are waiting to return to "Life is Strange 2". This supernatural and beautiful story tells about all emotional strings and is already one of the best games this year for me.

The game follows the brothers Sean and Daniel who were forced to leave the house after the incident. They point out the road through the US threat and meet new friends and enemies during a trip that takes place in five chapters. Two months have passed and many ask the question: when will the next chapter come? The answer is January 2019.

On an official blog, developers write that they do not want to emphasize the next chapter. They want to make sure to maintain quality and deliver the emotional feeling that players expect:

"So we have not yet announced the release date – we want to make sure we release something that we can be proud of and how you will remember forever."

The episodes in the first "Life are Strange" have been published at intervals of about two months, but now it will be a little longer, writes developers.

"We have to face the quality of the game and story that your vision requires and deserve … But we can officially say that episode 2 will be released in January 2019. More information comes in December this year."

Have you ever played any of the "Life's Strange" games yet?

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