Monday , July 26 2021

Listed on television – now she comes here – Linköping –

Some say that Sarah Klang hit that day when he performed two songs under "On the Track" in January. But for Sarah Klang, it all started long before that.

"The time after the game was fun, very intense. But for many, it seems that everything happened overnight and that's not the way it is. I've been spending some time there," says Sarah Klang.

However, performance at the beginning of the year put some ratings. Klang has already been booked for performances across the country, but after "On Track" all the tickets were sold out.

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This is not the first time Sarah Klang appeared in Linköping last March.

"It was so appreciated," she says.

Sarah has always dreamed of living music. But dreaming about something and belief that really can accomplish different things.

"I always knew I wanted to do it, but it's important to use it. There are many and many who say it is impossible.

Sarah tells you about the environment that focuses on studies and business, that's how to do it. About how difficult it is to bet on music.

"It's also hard to see this as a job, I love this, it's my passion, but I have a full-time job at a restaurant and kindergarten, jobs where you go back in. Compared to this, this may seem overwhelmingly gorgeous. Do what you are passionate about, this is not allowed for everyone, says Sarah Klang.

Life as an artist, of course, is not easy. With 70 games in the summer and two main tours this year, at least it can be emphasized. There is self-criticism there.

"But you have to live with it.

Sarah Klang released her first album "Love on the Milky Way" in February, and the song "Left me on fire" quickly became a hit. Her music is called for the country and American, but for Sarah it does not play such a big role.

"It's a brilliant music," she says.

On November 17, it is time for Sarah Klang to take part in the concert and congress in Linkoping, as part of a major tour that has just started in Uppsala.

"It's fun to travel to Sweden. By comparing the squares and variants of the tiles of different squares, it laughs.

– Anyone who has passed the last can be happy to come again. It will be fun, says Sarah Klang.

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