Monday , April 19 2021

Look for Dante with the inadequate power of the Gothenburg post

Police call the public at Falkenberg to pay special attention and look through their shops, shelters, shelters, playgrounds, vehicles and the like. According to the police, the boy's parents do not believe he is there.

"Maybe the boy was sleeping or looking for shelter somewhere, maybe he was scared or scared, and he tried to hide." In this situation, we have to be open to all possibilities, "said Peter Adlersson, a police spokesman.

According to police, the boy was lost earlier – but never so long.

"Time is our worst enemy. We are looking at our resources and we are encouraging full strength and, of course, we hope to keep the boy as good as possible, but unfortunately we do not have much to continue," says Tommy Nyman, Falkenberg Police Chief.

Darkness shines


Tommy Nyman's police chief in Falkenberg on Wednesday night. , Image: Anders Ylander

The boy's quest lasts for more than a day and will continue during the night, though the darkness is difficult to work. Police say they are working under prevailing conditions.

– It'll be a little harder to look into the dark. But it does. The helicopter has thermal cameras and dark cameras. The army has strong front lamps, and also has our dog running outdoors, says Tommy Nyman during the evening.

Police have got 30 tips, but nothing goes wrong. On Wednesday afternoon, police initiated a preliminary investigation into the title of human rights. That's because, at this point, you do not know where the boy is or how it vanished.

"We need to be able to look for more places out of the field, and then we have to do a search if we go to someone's farm or someone's diarrhea or property." But there is nothing to point out that a boy is now exposed to crime but we have to make such a classification, says Stefan Gustafsson.

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He disappeared from the house

Hundreds of people, including a lot of volunteers from missing people, are looking for a boy who disappeared from his home in Tröingeberg in northeastern Falkenberg on Tuesday night. Then he was on the dog, but he never came back. The dog was found later.

After the disappearance, Dante had a clear blue jacket with purple and black reflex shoes. She has blue hair, 140 cm high and slim bodybuilding.

"We have all the resources we have and look for unpredictable forces. We have about 230 soldiers and policemen from all over the region of West and Halland, and there are more volunteers," says Peter Adlersson.

The search insert also includes several patrol dogs and helicopter tracking. In Vinberg's Church, federal centers were established where police are in place and can get advice.

"We look for everything that does not belong to nature, like keys, clothes, and wallets," says Anton Andersson, a military officer from the Air Defense Registry in Halland.

Rail traffic is stopped

On Wednesday morning, the search area was extended to the entire municipality of Falkenberg. The police are also open because the boy might have hoped for a bus or a train. During Wednesday morning, train traffic stopped at the shore of the West Coast for a short while.

"We stopped the trains, partly because there are a lot of people in the area, partly because we wanted to search the tunnel," says Peter Adlersson at the police.

The police also had contact with public transport and health care in Halland for any observations about Dante's disappearance.

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Great dedication

The missing people had a large number of people on the spot during the day, starting with the football arena in Falkenberg that your volunteers can apply. Peter Rångby, who belongs to the missing people, seeks a drunk.

– He had a blue jacket, so I was looking. I went by the water to see if I could make any findings, he says.

Contact the police at number 114 14.

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