Saturday , June 19 2021

Malmö heard a powerful bang: "The field shook"

The police were warned at the Rosengårds Center in Malmö at 23.57 on Tuesday night. Many people sounded silent and when the police arrived, it turned out to be a powerful explosion in the street closet.

"It was detonated in a dormitory estate," said Fredrik Bratt, police officer in the South region.

No one has been reported to have been hurt in connection with detonation.

– I do not have personal information on injuries. We are on the site with multiple patrols and we're investigating what's going on.

"Many who have called"

The area around the damaged property was blocked at 00.15, and the police began an on-site investigation, inter alia through the investigation. During the night, the police investigate the crime scene to find out what happened and find traces of associating someone with the event.

At the same time, the bomb technicians look at what could be used in an explosion and that nothing remains on the spot.

"Because it's very high, there are many who point us to it. Some have just heard the bang, but others heard the bang and saw things, then we have a connection to what they saw with that thing, "says Thomas Söderberg, a police officer in the Jug police region.

The number of police officers is also working on viewing the material from the camera in that area.

"It's an area with some camera in it," says Thomas Söderberg.

"Sounds Like a Bomb"

Many Malmö residents reacted to the high bang, which was heard for most of the city.

"I heard a bang and the ground shuddered. It sounded like a bomb or something big was falling on the ground, a resident of Malmö says.

The police received an alarm from people in Limhamn, a good distance from Rosengård.

"Usually, they are usually not bombs in such cases, but so-called" bangers. "They are also heard, but in the immediate vicinity. Considering how much is completed, that's something bigger, says Thomas Söderberg SVT news Skåne.

At 1:30 am on Wednesday morning there is no doubt or use for the event, which will likely be classified as a joint destructive destruction.

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