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Many entrepreneurs are fighting brexitic problems – news

UK is a significant Swedish trading partner with import and export value of around 140 billion SEK. About 15 percent of Swedish companies have a kind of business relationship with the UK, mostly with import, according to company surveys, based on an enterprise survey survey, where more than 1,000 entrepreneurs responded (out of a total of 3,340 respondents).

Most of the negative are those who have a direct trade with the Brits. But even those internationally operating in a wider perspective experience the worse trading conditions of brexite traces. But among all respondents, seven out of ten entrepreneurs believe there is no consequence at all. Two percent even believe in a positive effect.

Moms bullet was raised by most of those in distress. The conflict rules and the indirect effects of reduced trade as a whole, when the British leave the EU, are also cited as the causes of the expected negative trade effects.

Service companies and intensive knowledge-intensive personnel and businesses are, however, afraid of the mobility of people between Britain and the rest of the EU.

Many entrepreneurs also say they are not sure of the consequences. And how the rules will look like, the first will decide whether there will be any withdrawal agreement or the so-called " Hard brexit. The proposed agreement, which will be voted by the British Parliament and where the outcome is uncertain, provides a fairly long transition period, where the current rules may take several years. Hard brexit, on the other hand, can create more chaos.

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