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Markus Rosenberg and Chinedu Obasi in the dictionary

The Grand Meeting on the Friendly Arena between AIK and Malmö FF ended 0-0 despite the Franz Brorsson game, the missed stand (Tarik Elyounoussi) and two controversial solutions.

In the first half, Anders Christiansen crashed Per Karlsson into the penalty area, but then referee Stefan Johannesson decided to rescue him. In the second half, Chinedu Obasi had a goal in the net that was wrongly convicted of the offense.

Rosenberg: "AIK does not want the ball"

Otherwise, the other half offered a war scandal. However, Malmo FF captain Markus Rosenberg believes that only one team in the field was trying to attack and win.

– We are behind the kind of football we want to play, then it is obvious that football can play in many different ways. If we look at the match today, AIK does not want the ball. We do not have to press them without AIK directly striking a long ball and being glittering in that, he says.

Rosenberg continues:

– Especially in fixed situations and when (Sebastian) Larsson gets the ball and (Tarik) Elyounouss runs behind the defense, they are poisonous there. We start by giving Elyounouss a free position and doing a lot of bad things. But if you do not give AIK free kick, then they do not do anything. We stand behind our football and we think it's the best, but AIK probably thinks their football is the best. Last year, they won this football.

Obasi: "When did the MFF invade, what happened then?"

Chinedu Obasi does not agree with Rosenberg.

"The only thing I can say when he was attacked by Malmo FF, what happened then?" I do not want to talk about other teams or coach tactics, but we have our game, he says.

– Our deadly goal came through a good attack. Some teams frustrate and then argue for some comments, but I do not want to indulge in anything (word war).

Obasi continues:

– I do not have to say if I should be honest. I do not want to get in trouble, I have a lot to say, but it's better to keep silence sometimes.

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