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"Maybe the attacker was sitting in the stands"

Enoch Goito, Chinedu Obasi, Tarik Elyounoussi and Stefan Silva entered the Allsvenskan season as AIK's Quartet of Attack.

Immediately prior to the closing of the Swedish transmission window, AIK managed to employ two more attackers in Jack Lahne and Kolbeinn Sightorsson.

So six attackers compete for two places – although Silva and Elyounouss used central in the middle. AIK coach Rikard Norling believes the competition will encourage players to do even better.

"I already notice that the competitive situation is sharpened with everything that it implies. I think this is the level of training, they know that if they do not go to the training plan, there is a great risk that you will not play. It's always a compromise as a player if you feel "fucked, today I do not know if I can train, but I have to train to secure my place," says Norling.

He continues:

– Sometimes you can run away from playing in any case, but basically is based on performance otherwise. You have to be an ax because it should not be decisive, especially when the competitive situation is sylvass.

Henok Goito and Stefan Silva on the bench towards Östersund.
Chinedu Obasi.

Norling believes that reinforcements give AIK greater opportunities for success in both the Swedish league and summer qualifications for the Champions League.

– After last year we have been well-talked that we have the ambition to win and to do well from us in Europe. I think the conditions we are sitting with now seem to have the reason to take such an ambition in such a mouth because it now supports it. There may have been more snacks than we ever did when we started working in January. That's good because I know, and that's what I said last year, I'd rather have a lot of good players because I know that when you get the best results it's absolutely crucial. The challenge is to try to treat everyone with respect.

Does the attack intensify that Tarik Elyounoussi competes in the tie line?

"I can say that it is my job to turn off the team that has the greatest chances of winning, and Tarik played and worked there well. Not excluded, but at the same time fantastic as forward and much contributing.

Goito: "Become a Headache for a Lead Team"

Henok Goito, who was on the bench against Östersund in the Allsvens premiere, says the following about the attacking competition.

– It's very high. If all are healthy, then this may be a headache for the management staff, because it may be the attackers who will sit on the stands, I mean. It is about exploiting their chances, says Goit.

What is the feeling for you with your role in the team?

– My role in the team does not change. So it does not matter, though I came to Östersund against last year when I played all the matches. My way of life does not change.

In addition, Enoch Goit considers that he has received an unfair assessment as a compensation for damage as soon as he does not play.

– I feel fresh. No harm, nothing. People so quickly classify me as a cause of evil. I do not understand why I played 30 games last year. People bring things that happened in the season of 2013.

"Every year I've heard" Henok is the cause of injury, "but despite that I've played many matches in 2017 and 2018. I think you have to remove that category. It's so easy to say that I'm old or I've been hurt. I'm ready to drive and I'm as strong as last year.

AIK's team against Norrköping

Selected line:

2. Daniel Granli

3 For Karlsson

6 Panajotis Dimitriadis

Sebastian Larsson

8 Enoch Kofi Adu

9 Rasmus Lindkvist

10 Chinedu Obasi

11 Stefan Silva

14 Karol Mets

16 Anton Salétros

18 Bilal Hussein

19 Saku Ylätupa

20 Tarik Elyounoussi

21 Daniel Sundgren

23 Budimir Janosevic (etc)

25 Magnar Ödegaard

28 Jack Lahne

34 Oscar Linnér (etc)

36 Henok Goitom

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