Wednesday , June 23 2021

Member of the KFF Police Application – News at Kalmar – 24 hours a day

He now ruined the hot feelings around KFF after handling the icon of the club Henrik Rydström, which is considered the main trainer.

"Everyone lives with different lives and is in different ways, with whom I have lived since March and have had an incredible hatred of me as an individual, some people, so this is nothing special," says Rickard Teern of Ölandsbladet.

She does not want to go in What a threat, more than a person's attack.

– Some storms can be predicted, others not. Storm drives the paths you do not always think about, so it's about to be prepared. You can interpret how you like.

The board may disappear when the names of KFF fans made it necessary for an extraordinary meeting. There is a clear plan to replace the current board.

"We sit on the board for a certain reason, and then we can rely on the positions they want better." Otherwise, I would farm herbs. Sport is a completely different business activity, sport is so important to many people, "says Rickard Teern.

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