Tuesday , July 27 2021

Mikael Lustig celebrated gold with AIK: "I can speculate"

Nikola Đurđjić and Vladimir Rodić did not appear on the AIK Gold Festival alone.

Even Mikael Lustig was there.

"You can ask how much you are going," says Celtic return.

AIK celebrated gold at Soap Bar in Stockholm on Sunday night. There were other football profiles. Among other things, Hammarbić Nikola Đurđjić and Vladimir Rodić participated in the festivities, which attracted great attention.

But also the representative of Michael Lustig was at the celebration.

"I arrived very late in Stockholm and congratulated Sebbe (Larsson) and then said" come and say hi. "That's why I went there and congratulated Sebbe and Koffe (Olsson) and those I know in AIK, he says.

"Have a contract with the Celtic"

If you now start to ask about yourself and AIK?

"You can ask how much, but I have a contract with the Celtic and we will see. I think I play in Celtic and next season," says Lustig with a smile.

By contract Mikael Lustig and Celtic expire next season. However, he does not want to reveal any of the Swedish clubs closest to him when he comes home.

– You can speculate as I said.

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