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Norway star angry at Calle Halfvarsson: "Terribly unnecessary"

Johannes Hösflot Kläbo missed the final in sprint.
That Calle Halfvarsson accidentally hit Norrman's stake.
"Kläbo is furious," says SVT's comment, Jacob Hård.

It is considered that the sprint competition at Lillehammer was dramatic. Calle Halfvarsson impressed in the prolongs, but missed the choice of heat before the quarterfinals.

Stentuff is quarterfinal

This meant that the Swedes had finished in the quarterfinals. There he went on, in time. In the semifinals Sweden then sets against others Johannes Hösflot Kläbo, the Norwegian super-star.

In that heat, there was indeed a crowd, and after the intact situation, Halfvarsson's step broke the Norrman share. After that, Kläbo was ineligible to move on.
Halfvarsson also missed the final result. But it did not make the Norwegians calm down.
"It was damned unnecessary," he told the NRK.


According to the SVT commentator Jacob Hårdu, Kläbo REJÄLT was angry.
"Kläbo is crazy, and he gets angry, Hard says.

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