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Only nowadays high-extremists march in the city

Today the right-wing groups have noticed the day of the death of Karla XII. Motemonitors are in place at Kungsträdgården.

  • Posted 20:03, 30 November 2018

Traditionally, November 30, the right-wing extremist date is to pay attention on the day of the death of Charles XII. The senior Nordic Youth group is approved from Friday to Friday from 19 to 22 hrs from Humlegården to Kungsträdgården.

The police specially dedicated the event.

"Right now we call it a" green location, "that's great, says Mats Eriksson at the Stockholm Police.

The police will be in Stockholm on November 30th

The Nordic youth is on Kungsträdgårdsgatan and moves towards Kungsträdgården.

"What I understand, there was a look at the people in the demonstration, but they were not close to the demonstration itself. In Kungsträdgården, there will be an opponent, but we are on the spot and look at the situation, both on licensed people and demonstration demonstrations" , says Mats Eriksson.

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