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Researchers: They Have Found Drugs for Serious Health – News at Kalmar – 24 Hours a Day

Now scientists can be a step closer to treating Alzheimer's disease. Diagnosing the disease may be difficult for health care – now researchers at Lund have developed a method to detect Alzheimer's disease at an early stage. This could, in turn, lead to treatment, as Ystad Local reported.

Injecting the substance into the brain can be the first traces of Alzheimer's disease, writes the newspaper. The patient is then scanned with a PET camera used today in the healthcare industry to find cancer. It is Oskar Hansson, Neurology Professor and Senior Lund University Physician who, along with the international research team, found a method of tracking Alzheimer's disease in the brain.

– The theme is unique and links the bony protein joints in the bones. It's a rope that causes nerve cells to die in the brain and suffer from Alzheimer's disease. When it radiates the brain then we can see where the area is injured. If we can not find anything, the symptoms are for other reasons, "says Oscar Hansson in the Ystad local newspaper.

The discovery is great Oskar Hansson and his international research associates hope for steps to get medication.

– It was found that the method worked very well. Many patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease are not properly diagnosed, but we found a way to detect early stage illness. I think it can help those who explore the drug, "says Oskar Hansson at Ystad's local newspaper.

Some of the symptoms Alzheimer's Diseases are memory disorders, anxiety feelings, and a patient who has difficulty finding the word, which is a relatively unspecific symptom, making it difficult to diagnose. They can have many causes, such as stress or depression. Therefore, diagnostics should be facilitated by a new method.

However, the method is not approved for clinical use, but Oskar Hansson thinks it will use it within a few years.

"We know that our study has opened the door, and more research studies, among other things, take place in the United States, a study that, together with ours, can be an important jigsaw to getting a method approved by pharmaceuticals in the US and Europe. it will be in clinical use within two years.

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