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Rows on the E4 after the accident

At 16.56, several people warned the police that the passenger car was driving in the wrong direction on the highway 55 outside Norrköping. Then he drove to E4, south of the record in the north.

A few minutes later crashed a car with another car near Ingelstad, Norrköping.

"This should be a frontal collision," says Monica Bergström, a press officer in the East Police region.

Three people were taken to an emergency hospital. The Östergötland Region states at 19.40 that the state is critical for three people. For two of them, the damage is life-threatening.

The traffic was closed Previously they completely turned in the direction of driving north and caused long lines in place. At 18, the police said:

"At this point I see people turning E4 in order to counteract traffic and I would urge you not to do it. There are queues and people are trying to turn around and go the other way, which is not good at all. It is directly deadly, says Monica Bergström.

one more Accident also happened earlier on Wednesday at E4 near Norrköping. The truck and the passenger car collided with Norsholm.

According to police, a woman in her 75-year-old was taken to a hospital with an unknown status of injury. The road was initially closed and caused long lines.

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