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Samuel Fröler in "On the Track" – he is working today

Samuel Fröler, 61, participates in the premiere of the famous "On Track" remote season. Along with his ex-colleague Ebba Hultkvist Stragne, 34, who previously played in the success story of "Skärgårddoktorn".

Of course, from archipelagic doctors we recognize Samuel Fröler, from 1997 to 2000, played by a popular physician Johan Steen.

But what makes Samuel Fröler today? Yes – besides being competing in "On the Track", Fröler had many exciting projects that took place after his role in the archipelago physician, and television and theatrical scene are widely mentioned.

Samuel Fröler
Samuel Fröler participates in "On The Track" 2018. Source: Janerik Henriksson TT / TT

After his role in the Archbishop's doctor, Fröler landed another big part. What was that? Yes, the voice of the green and good aunt Shrek – the role he gained in the confidence to continue working on the liked film.

In addition to his role as Shrink Voice, Fröler also starred in several films such as "Rescuers", "Exit" and "What's Nice" in which he played against Alicia VikanderIn addition, over the years, he has also participated in several successful series – you may have heard of "The Commission and the Sea", "Modus" and "In Need and Desire"?

In addition to appearing on the cinema and TV box, Fröler has participated in several theatrical sets, the last two of which were "Visit the Old Man" and "Open Your Hearts".

In 2001 Fröler also released a disc called "Blind Me Again To Light".


But of course, Samuel has taken many other things with his acting career. Today he is happy to marry his wife Susanne Jonsson Fröler, a partner who discovered that divorce Anna Stina Löfgren Fröler.

Samuel has a total of 6 children, 3 together with Anna-Stina and 3 bonus children with his current wife Susanne.

Today Samuel and Susanne are married and live together in an apartment in Old Town in Stockholm.

Tonight you can see Samuel Fröler and Ebb Hultkvist Stragne in the "On Track" competition at 21.00 in SVT1. Here you can read more about your debut expectancy in the program!

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