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Several teachers are charged with abusing the friskol in Stockholm

In October he wrote Nyheter24 a fifty-year-old teacher at a school in southern Stockholm who repeatedly behaved improperly against a 15-year-old student at school.

Although a written man had written a "longing" in writing after a 15-year-old child, he had to work at school – something that raised parents with children at school.

The teacher repeatedly tried to negotiate with the student independently, after school time, and unintentionally touched the student. The teacher should also think that he is "in love" at the age of 15.

Friskolan meant that the disgraceful behavior of teachers was a one-time event and gave the teacher only a warning. But the teacher thought it happened twice before, once with another 15-year-old student and one with an 18-year-old student.

Expressen now reveals that there were a number of similar events with other teachers and students at school.

Among other things, an 11-year-old girl and a nine-year-old girl, both with disabilities. The case of teachers who initiated relationships with students, and suspects that she was sexually abused, and the school should silence.

The school deny – but several parents testify

Friskolan was described as very family-oriented, where teachers themselves attended school and socialized privately with parents who had children at school.

After discovering the case of a 15-year-old girl, parents of school children should think that it all depends on the student, not the teacher. The parent should tell Expressen that it was certainly something with the girl who made the situation.

But other parents do not even look serious.

"We do not want pedophiles in our school," says the parent to Expressen.

Even children in school are worried.

School employees should have an email not to talk to Express. But now parents are witnessing abuses and overruns.

11-year-old girl

Last year, the parent discovered an 11-year-old student at school saying something was wrong. When the mother of a child watched a mobile girl she discovered messages sent between a girl who lives with a disability and a fifty-year-old teacher at school, writes Expressen.

With an encrypted message application, the teacher sent intimate messages to the child. Among other things, "The One I Want to Mass and Gently and Vigorously". The mother pretends to be the child and has spoken to the teacher.

Then she talked to the girl who discovered that her teacher was touching her. The girl also said the 50-year-old man dismissed girls in the classroom to be alone with the girl during school hours.

The teacher was informed and arrested the police.

It is suspected of multiple rape cases

The 50-year-old was arrested, but the school never belonged to the mother. Instead, she had to get in touch with the school and ask for a meeting.

The teacher is suspected of three cases of rape against children, the case of attempted rape against children and sexual assault. But the case is rejected because the evidence is not strong enough.

Five weeks later, the teacher was free, and three weeks after that, he completed a job at the school.

Then he received 80,000 SEK in exchange for the chief state attorney for suffering and lost earnings, according to Expressen.

Two other cases

Expressen reveals two more cases where children should be ill. The case in which the substitute had to show her trap and ass for a nine-year-old girl in a toilette.

A police report was prepared, but then dropped.

"Unification Spread"

In the fall of 2018, parents were invited to a school meeting. Parents who attended the meeting told Expressen that the meeting was called to halt the spread of rumors.

But parents should instead seek the truth and transparency from the school, about events that are believed to have happened.

The president then chooses to talk about two cases, one with a teacher and one with a male teacher. The teacher, according to the parents, must leave the school after starting a relationship with the student.

The school currently does not want to talk about the claims submitted by parents and, according to Expressen, "she is not even interested in any interview".

Here you can read more about the first suspect case that has been reported about a fifty-year-old teacher who is "in love" with a 15-year-old student.

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