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Smart Keyboard Folio: More expensive – but is it better?

Product tested: Apple Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad Pro (SV)
Rec. price: SEK 2.149 (11 inches). Apple is $ 2,349 (12.9 inches).
price: Starting at $ 258 at PriceSpy (11 inches). 2 279 SEK (12.9 inches).

This year's Ipad Pro also comes with a new version of Apple's own professional keyboard, with a new design and additional word on the name – now the keyboard has a long name called Smart Keyboard Folio. The folio indicates that the keyboard is more than a comprehensive case that also protects the back, no previous model is.

Designing, this is still very anonymous creation. The color is gray and no other option is available. The feel in the back of the material is like a mixture of sewing clothes and materials that Apple uses in silicone shells.

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Smart Folk Test for Keypad for Ipad Pro

It works flawlessly, but does not breathe direct premiums. This is even one of the few Apple products that are completely out of the Apple logo. On the move, it looks like the Microsoft Surface computer we're working on.

However, keys are not a big mistake. They are trained in the same durable material as before and are nice to write. This is by far the almost watertight construction (except for small openings on the back), and although we do not call anyone to unnecessarily test it, the keyboard should carry a good cup of coffee better than the Macbook keyboard.

As before, the keys have a little more impact than the latest Macar. Overall, we love the keys, and it is good to write longer lyrics on the keyboard. With a 12.9-inch version we test here, we also have more touchscreen.

Smart Folk Test for Keypad for Ipad Pro
photo: appleThe Elvatuma version has half the keys to and but is basically full of keyboard.

As before, there are still no keys above the digit, as is the case with most third-party keyboards. If we want to increase the volume, we allow the top of the device. If we want to stop the music, we can get to the right of the device, swipe with the control center and press the pause. It would be easier if there is at least one shortcut to it, but the right button for playing / pausing.

As before, the keyboard is triggered exclusively via the Ipad via the Smart Connector, which is now on its back. We bite the magnet keyboard – then do not think about pairing or charging the battery on the keyboard. Also, it's as before.

Smart Folk Test for Keypad for Ipad Pro
The new Smart Keyboard on the left, the old model on the right.

It has not been known that the keyboard casing base now consists of a hardboard instead of being constructed as one-third as before.

It comes with some advantages and a few drawbacks. The advantage is that we can pick up the Ipad Pro in two different ways while the keys are in front. The other is that the longer plate is more stable in the knees. The Ipad Pro has become more like a laptop because it is not entirely impossible to use a seat in a couch or armchair. On the contrary, he still feels good. On the other hand, the screen is a bit harder than before, no matter where we are. If we push the hard side to the top of the screen, we stick it to something more than before but it does not really bother.

Smart Folk Test for Keypad for Ipad Pro

Another disadvantage is that we have no way to put the iPad in the landscape (see picture), which is a plus if we want to use the Ipad Pro more like a landscaping surface. Then we can unlock the board and lean it to something else.

Smart Folk Test for Keypad for Ipad Pro

There is also no way to put the board in the media mode found with the previous generation Smart Keyboard, where we can turn the keyboard and just have a front window. Perfect for a delightful breakfast table, or to read recipes for a kitchen counter without having to spit the keys while we cook.

Smart Folk Test for Keypad for Ipad Pro

Tangent + Ipad = almost as a laptop

Keyboard compatibility has become even better in later versions of iOS, for example with the ability to search for applications using the keyboard, then use the arrow keys to scroll all kinds of search results.

Double-clicking the space to start using the board may be the most useful tip. Once to wake the screen, which then reads our Face with Face ID. Once again go straight to the home screen. This way, we can only log on with two buttons without trimming the screen.

The more we do not need to get to the screen, the better. Keyboard of any kind has always been a good idea for anyone who wants to use their iPad more than watching video, and with iOS 12 on Ipad's Pro's latest cuts, that's even more true than before.

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