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Smugglers Seek Security – The Economy

The Stockholm Stock Exchange, like the market in general, has suffered several earthquake months. The disappointing report and reduced forecasts helped reduce the OMXS index by just over seven percent in October. At an international level, the trade argument between the US and China has continued to wander, and small guards now look at other – safer alternatives.

One might begin to think that some of them are weighted with fixed income, even though it is still the biggest pressure on stock funds. In fact, it's not a big change, but it's interesting to see that more people are buying investment funds than before, "says Alexander Gustafsson, an association at Nordnet.


Company statistics showed clearer consistency in November compared to November in terms of investment, but for example, the Fund's interest rate is high on both monthly buy-in lists. Even with Avanz is similar to the trend. According to Avanzas economist Johanna Kull, buyers have sold stock-equity funds in favor of, besides investment funds and fixed income funds, hedge funds.

"The stock of the depositor saw the drop in the stock market and have net purchased shares, unlike funds, which instead switched the leg from stock funds to more cautious interest and investment funds," she wrote in a commentary to TT.

However, in the case of hedge funds, it misses a warning in which the majority actually developed poorly.

A defensive position is also found in the case of a purchase of shares. Among Nordnet's purchases are classic investment companies such as Investor, Latour and Kinnevik.

Many are confident that they will be successful in price crashes, and Kinnevik and Latour are weaker on the stock market in 2018, but the Investor points out when positive results are achieved during the year, "says Alexander Gustafsson.

What we notice is that there have been no sitting stoves with depositors in the last two months, but you are very active.

The game company on the sales list

Among the shares sold by Nordnet and Avanz are the toy companies Cherry and Mr Green, and after the sharp stoppages last month, the latter one after the offer of British winner William Hilla. Bilia, however, has grown recently after strong reports and buyers from the interior.

There are banks such as Nordea and Handelsbanken, like Volva, on the Nordnet sales list.

We've seen ex-Swedbank in the waiting list, but it's gone completely now. Instead, Handelsbanken has come in, so private couples seem to see some kind of change, says Alexander Gustafsson.

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