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Södra handed Berg & Berg instead of laying

Earlier in November, Södra announced information on the start of the installation of the Berg & Berg floor plant, which would affect 60 employees. It is now announced that Berg & Berg was handed over to Mor-Gerd Group.

Södra has left a positive message today that the Berg & Berg floor manufacturer does not have to be rejected without transfer. This also means that 60 employees can keep their jobs. Photo: South

After Södra announced the closure of the Berg & Berg floor maker, now one of the interested parties, Bernt Ivarsson, owner of the Mor-Gerd group and profuru, decided to take over the job.

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"Berg & Berg is the market leader in organic parquet flooring, which ensures that floors do not leave any organic action." Berg & Berg links attention to natural materials handling with the needs of a modern way of life Environmental awareness tells about time, so I think we can do something really well together I have close and good cooperation with Södra for over 30 years and I'm sure of that, "says Bernt Ivarsson in a press release .

Very happy

The message was positive.

"We are very happy about the transition, mostly for our employees. We want Bern to be happy with the job and we will continue to supply raw materials from the Södra Forest to Berg & Berg, says Peter Karlsson, head of Södra Interiör division.

The article was published on Friday, November 30, 2018

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