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Strgren: "Every game is like a final game" – News in Nybro – 24 hours a day

Nybro Vikings hanging around the field, much thanks to the expansion of the opponent Kallinge / Ronneby later.

On Friday night, the team will get it Halmstad hammers looking for three new spots on the Hockey South.

"This is, of course, a very important match, we are additionally charged and will win at any cost. Every game is left as the final game now, says Fredrik Strömgren.

Nybro Vikings took 2-1 to Halmstad, but Husses returned and led 3-2 in the middle of the second period. After Erik Lindström won 3-3 at the end of the second period, he was fined for the penalty points, which Viking won for 2,697 spectators.

– Obviously. The last game was a small blow from our side. In the first period, we wrote them completely, but then completely turned around, Fredrik says.

What will you do to prevent the re-emergence of Halmstad?

"We probably learned that it did not matter if we had more points, and that we were going to the same track we worked for." "Play hockey for 60 minutes and be careful during the game." "We have to take advantage of the chances of the attack zone," he says.

"Obviously there were no approved actions at the end of Halmstad.

What does this game look like for Allett's places?

"All matches are as important as I pointed out earlier, we have to beat all the games we have left behind, we can not afford to lose anything, but we only see three points," he says.

"Everyone wants to go there and that's something we talked about. It is true that we are fighting each other with the last match and taking our points.

You can follow Friday's home match against Halmstad live over 24Nybro.

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