Sunday , May 9 2021

Svenska Spel stops all online casino ads

Since re-regulation of the gambling market has broken at the turn of the year, the debate on advertising games of chance has become hot. Minister of Civil and Consumer Affairs Ardalan Shekarabi (S) is not happy with the action plan for less aggressive advertising that the industry presented at the end of March, and believes the legislation is approaching. He also opened a total ban on advertising games of chance.

On Sunday, Kindred, Leovegas and Betsson went to Di's debating article where they went on a counter-attack because of the fact that the Swedish game and ATG increased their advertising investment after the re-regulation of the gaming market. This means that gambling companies are badly in line with Shekarabi's industry demands.

Now, the Summary can tell that Svenska Spel decides So stop now all marketing for their online casino in all media channels.

Joakim MörnefältSvenska Spel's communications director told the Resume that a decision was made last week on the topic of publicity gaming and public health debate showing the risks of online casinos.

– We are classifying risks and stricter rules for the most dangerous games, involving online casinos. That's something we said to Ardalan Shekarabi we want to include in the law. That's why we decided to stop each of our own advertising for our online casino in 2019. We are even banning online casino advertising, "says Joakim Mörnefält, communications director at Svenska Spel, in Resume.

Joakim Mörnefält now calls Kindred, Betsson, Leovegas and other licensed gaming companies to follow the steps of the Spelle.

– We hope that they will follow our example and end the campaign for their inaccuracy.

The decision means that Svenska Spel will reduce its advertising investment in relation to this year's budget, but can not report any number for competitive reasons.

In a controversial article in Di, Kindred, Leovegas and Betsson, it is strongly opposed to selling Svenska Spel via commercial editorial elements, especially TV4, such as Triss-scratch in Nyhetsmorgon, lacking advertising marking or mandatory information on the 18-year limit.

"We think that this debating article is a way to play cards instead of talking about what's important in the discussion that is being conducted, which is to protect the consumer and reduce the volume of advertising. It is important for us to keep the focus on dangerous products, and there, research, support, and public health show that online casino is the most vulnerable, "says Joakim Mörnefält.

How do you respond to the call to finish the Triss scourer in the morning sofa?
"We understand that they like it, but it's about established formats that have been present for a long time and are also appreciated by the entertainment that Swedish people enjoy. But these are also low-risk games: trivia, bingo lotteries and postal numbers are not really the form of games that are being discussed. If such elements need to be advertised or not, I have no point, it's on TV4.

How Much Is This Channel For Svensk Spel Important?
– Triss is one of our most popular products and part of the experience in playing at Svenska Spel. It is difficult to say what this channel meant to disappear. We know only that this is a highly appreciated feature of the audience.

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