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Swedish Super Triumph in a Friendly Arena

When only two drivers stayed in the form of Jannice Sprunger and Bertram Allen, the Swedes held the top three places. None of the former could escape the trion, so the household on Friday night achieved a real super triple.

Henrik von Eckermann set a fierce rhythm and led from the beginning to the end at the beginning of the field. But I was humiliated and usually believed the horse.

"I know it's natural fast and you can manage it. It's a good start, but it's far to the left," von Eckermann said in the Friends Arena.

"I will try to win the lectures I started.

The winning horse Lorielle 2 had only Henry six weeks.

"We're getting to know each other.

The results were as follows: Henrik von Eckermann and Lorielle 2 won 31.12. In the second phase over time. Malin Baryard-Johnsson and H & M Second Chance landed at 31.70, and Peder Fredricson won third place with H & M Zaloubet and time 32.73.

It became an enchanting honor with a blue-yellow tip three with Swedish fans and national anthems from a set of music years to audience jubilees.

Behind the Swedish trion came the world's Harrie Smolders.

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