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Tasks: The ECG comes with Apple Watch with Watch OS 5.1.2

One of the featured features of the Apple Watch Series 4 series that was presented in September this year is the chance to get the ECG directly into the hands of a smart clock. The hardware required for this is in every Apple Watch program, but the related application that enables this feature is not yet available and must also be approved by the authorities in most countries where they will be used.

First, the United States, where the feature was granted government approval before the smart clock was shown on the stage. Now Macrumors reports that the feature will be available in the US with the upcoming version 5.1.2, the Watch OS version currently in beta status. Data comes from an internal document that uses Apple Store employees to learn more about the information.

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ECG in the Apple Watch 4 series
photo: apple

Regardless of whether the feature is Watch OS 5.1.2 or we do not learn Swedes, wait a while for the feature to come here. According to some data, Canada will travel to Canada later.

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