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TEST: Google Home Mini – Smooth and smart soundtrack speakers

The product being tested: Google Home Mini
price: SEK 549 in web-hall.

When Google's smartphone was launched in Sweden, we quickly went out to review the Google homepage. But the fact is that the company did not announce one – without two variants of their native speaker here. The mini variant has fallen slightly between the chairs, but now is the time for such a test.

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With a $ 550 price tag, Google Home Mini is the absolute gateway to those who want to start voice management for their homes. The loudspeaker is also incredibly small and easy to set up in all homes, making more serious home enthusiasts learn to use them more as long as they can comfortably voice voice commands in all rooms without screaming. Just like extra puckets in the grid.

Design: elite and style

Google Home Mini is incredibly small and beautiful. Especially at a height of 4.2 centimeters. Like big sisters' shoes, the design and choice of materials are ingenious, but here the bottom is made of plastic and the top is covered with fabric. This can be selected in three different colors; light gray, dark gray or coral. The flat shape makes the Google Home Mini very suitable for fastening to the wall, but such brackets can be purchased separately. Small dimensions made Home Mini even more relevant if battery power is available – but not.

Google Home Mini
Google Home Mini is really small and beautiful. Here with a small candle light for comparison.

Here we also get touch controls at the top of the volume control device, as well as to start / pause music and turn off the alarm. To handle these features, we must strike at the right or left side of the top, which is difficult to manage smoothly. It is often the case that the contact is not recorded and it is difficult to get any indication of what is the optimal "drijemež".

The power cord is connected to the back of the unit and the microphone is switched off. LEDs that show that Home Mini is listening to us are hidden beneath the fabric cover top and something harder to see than at a larger Google home.

Activating sound and voice: a mixed composite

Perhaps the biggest weakness of Google Home Minia is sound. That, however, goes up to 360 degrees and sounds quite right for those who just want to play low music on the kitchen table, but harder information is not enough. The more we raise the volume, the more mediocre becomes the sound image that appears. In addition, the base is missing prints and shades reproduced in a "regular" Google home.

Google Home Mini
The Google Home Mini is a pretty good listener, but the music sound is far from perfect.

Plus, it sounds better than many other speakers we tested, especially when Home Mini is placed in the middle of the room. We have our test unit in the bedroom, which fills half-sound without problems. Best of all, if you pair at least with several big speakers, for example, using Chromecast. Anyway, anyone who requires music listening has to look in multiple ways, which can be done without any problems in the Google Home app.

Like Google Home, the Home Mini is equipped with two voice commands microphones. They are performing just about equally well, and only on several occasions we have difficulty attracting the stage. The fact is that the Swedish assistant continues to answer "I can not help you out of it" a bit too often when we are looking for lighting control. We often have to articulate the expression in a correct, direct way. This will be better with time and not just for Home Mini – without all the auxiliary speakers we've tested before.

Who will buy the Google Home Mini?

Google's minimum, as we know, is the cheapest speaker choice right now for anyone who wants to try voice control at home. And just home control, it's as competent as a bigger variant. Other audiences are users who have a good audio system where Chromecast is embedded or purchased in the form of Chromecast. You can also drive via Bluetooth.

Google Home Mini
Here you can see the microphone off slide.

Just over $ 500 will not dig deep hole in someone's wallet, and with Google Home Mini you do not risk buying.


If you meet any of the above criteria, we can certainly recommend Home Mini. Those who expect to listen to high quality music will be disappointed. Look at whistle for what it is; supplement or your first three-step step into a voice-controlled house.

Google Home Mini

tested: November 2018.
manufacturers: Google.
dimensions: 9.8 / 4.2 cm.
weight: 173 g.
Wireless: Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n / ac (2.4GHz / 5GHz), Bluetooth 4.1, built-in Chromecast.
Audio formats: HE-AAC, LC-AAC +, MP3, Vorbis, WAV (LPCM), Opus, FLAC with high current resolution (24-bit / 96 kHz).
Operating system: Android / IOS (for the Home app).
Microphones: 2 pcs.
sound: 360 degrees with 40 mm speaker elements.
run: From now
price: SEK 549 in web-hall.


Small and tasty.
It's okay for size.


It's worse for music.
Prepare touch controls.
No battery.

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