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Test: So good is the Playstation Classic – and all the games

product: Sony Playstation Classic
price: It can be booked from 199 € per PriceSpy.

The mini mini-game consoles have become very popular since Nintendo introduced the NES Classic Mini to the Christmas store 2016. Now, Sony plays the same song with the Playstation Classic – an extremely small replica of the original Playstation console. 20 games are pre-installed, and two manual controls are hand-picked into the package, which starts selling at around $ 1,500 on December 3.

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Much money for old technology, but can it be measured by the factor of nostalgia? We moved the way back to the early 3d poligon and came back very close to the concept.

Impressive small and charming

When we keep the Playstation Classic in hand, we are amazed at how little it weighs. 170 grams more precisely – something that makes us think about how technology came in 24 years. The console is also extremely small, but it is clear and loving loyalty to the original unit. Actually, the Playstation Classic looks just like this – with buttons and everything – except the size and the fact that the contacts are replaced by usb and hdmi ports. For clarity, the happiness you insert the CD does not open.

Briefly; The mini console seems to have been hoping for, but there are still a few things to note when it comes to physical. First of all, two proper controls are of the origin, so we can work without the lever of the Dualshock variant. The cables are far too short for us to sit comfortably on the TV – setting Playstation Classic on the TV bench is a deadly project for most.

When it comes to power, we raise incredible eyebrows over Sony's decision not to deliver the PlayStation Classic with the adapter. The same applies to the Nintendo mini console, and most people would have some old rechargeable batteries in the home that are excellent for that purpose. But he still feels solid.

The games library leaves a lot to be desired

As already mentioned, there are 20 games pre-installed in the Playstation Class and you can no longer add them manually. The choice represents different genres such as FPS, role playing, racing and platforms in a good way, but overall the game is fairly playful. There are several games that determine time and genre, such as Tomb Raider, Gran Turismo, Crash Bandicoot and Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Why do not we know, but it's an incredible sin.

Playstation Classic

But, of course, there are several strong cards in the game library. For example, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid. None of the games, however, has progressed long since – in some of them it is almost possible to count the polygons on the screen, and the controls of the leak control are initially brave to master. But the charm is definitely left and we lie if we say we do not shake in nostalgic creatures when we try to move Jill Valentine through a zombie palace. That was the way it was.

Here are the games that are included:

  • Battle Arena Toshinden
  • Cool Boarders 2
  • Destroying Derby
  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Intelligent Qube
  • Jumping the flash!
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Buffer
  • Oddworld: Abeova Oddysee
  • Rayman
  • Resident Evil CEO Cut
  • Revelation: Person
  • Ridge Racer type 4
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
  • Siphon filter
  • Tekken 3
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
  • Twisted Metal
  • Wild Weapon

Fine demanding games with exceptionally early 3D graphics, however, are almost impossible to play. We are thinking of Rainbow Six and Twisted Metal, who feel like torturing similar experiences. The video update disappears in several games, which is confirmed by the fact that almost half the title works on PAL with 50 Hz and the rest on US NTSC rolls at more acceptable 60 Hz. Grand Theft Auto uses the first technology, and updating images can solve bandwidth problems. It's still a fun game, but it's likely to cause headaches.

Roligast is the 2d platform game Rayman. The colorful graphics are less ugly to the eyes and make us think that the retro phenomenon can be the best without polygonal traffic. Another strong card is the Tekken 3, which, in spite of small updates of the image, continues to float well. The Fighting Series has not gone through the same revolutionary way, like Grand Theft Auto or Rainbow Six, purely technical and is still fun to make friends in combat.

Fast interface with obstacles

Playstation Classic menus may not look fun but float in a clean, functional way. It's easy to turn on the console, find the game and run, and the charging time is not particularly long. The setup options are very few, and this definitely lacks the filter filter to smooth out some of the 3D-heavy games.

On the plus side, virtual memory cards make it easier to save the game and later come back, and you can see where we are in the game directly from the home menu.

Playstation Classic

However, in order to return to the home screen, we have to get out of the couch, go to the console and press Reset. It feels unnecessarily awkward, but works quickly as soon as we press the button. Likewise, we must go ahead and press the Open button to replace the virtual path in the games that require it.


Playstation Classic is a product that leaves us very ambivalent. Sony has managed to emulate a sense of gaming everyday 20 years ago, and after a few hours with the retro console, it is almost a shocking experience to start the game since 2018. However, with today's standard, most games are hopelessly outdated, which is obviously compared to Nintendo's retro consoles they do not rely on equally "advanced" graphics and controls.

Nostalgia in the format of the game has a reward, and the question is whether the Playstation Classic is a bit too high. We, who grew up in front of the thick TV with these games disks that appeared in the console, missed some of the best titles and are looking forward to the new versions and advances in the technology of games that have seen the light of the 90's.

No, the Playstation Classic feels more important to the one who sat and touched Tekken in a child or girl and could show his own kids "how it is". Liam and Tindra will be asked to watch for a while, ask how you have pointed out with misery, then go back to playing Lego Star Wars or Fortneet for a smooth life.

The facts of the Playstation Classic

manufacturers: Sony.
connectors: Hdmi, usb.
dimensions: 149 × 33 × 105 mm.
weight: 170 g.
Video formats: 480p, 720p.
run: December 3, 2018
price: About 1500 kr


Elegant, retro-dusting design.
Fast and functional interface.
Some gold coins between the games.


Missing several important titles.
Some games are just painful.
Short control cables.
There is no AC adapter.

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