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The expert warns: Dangerous infection is here – News at Kalmar – 24 hours a day

Svedea comes out with a warning after seeing an increased number of malformations associated with kennelhost. This is confirmed by the veterinarian Ylva Trygger who advises how to do it if your dog has affected, but also how to protect it.

Kennelhosta is indeed not a disease, but a common name for symptoms that can be caused by various infectious agents.

Symptoms are cough and sneupe, which usually decrease after a week or two, but may last longer in rare cases. The disease is extremely contagious and has an incubation period of 4-5 days.

"The animal owner sometimes feels like the dog is sitting in his throat as he tries to get up. Host attacks differ from mild to so strong that the dog suffers from choking or vomiting, "says veterinarian Ylva Trygger.

Because it's kennelhosta so infectious it is important to isolate dogs that have symptoms. This is true, no less than a kennel, a dog race or a farm where many dogs stay at the same time.

People can not suffer from infection, but they can spread the dog's household through clothing and hands.

– The infection is easily transmitted between the food pan, through the arms and clothing that has been obtained from the diseased dog. Children who have suffered the dogs must be properly cleansed with the disinfectant and left empty for at least one week so as not to continue the infection, "says Ylva Trygger.

Kennelhost usually needs is not treat, unless the cough is so powerful that cough can be given. On the other hand, monitoring diseases, such as pneumonia, may pose a risk for puppies and young dogs.

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"There is a vaccine against coughing, but not one hundred percent because several viruses and bacteria are involved," says Ylva Trygger.

"So far, we have been particularly aware of several cases in Mälardalen. But since kennelhost is so contagious, we feel it is appropriate to go out with this information, says Odd Einar Bruem, Veterinarian of animal insurance in Sweden.

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