Thursday , May 6 2021

The fingerprint reader in the Samsung Galaxy S10 was tricked into prints

Someone managed to fool the ultrasonic fingerprint reader in the Samsung Galaxy S10 by photographing a glass of wine glass and then create a cast in 3D. The photo was processed in Photoshop and a 3D version was created using Audodesk 3ds Max, which was then printed.

This was not a novelty in itself, since Qualcomm did not claim that their readers should be fooled in such a way. The Qualcomm reader Samsung has implemented in the Galaxy S10 and the S10 Plus should be able to read the blood flow to the finger and thus be able to prevent hackers getting it with the help of prints.

Of course, the risk in practice should be minimal, but fingerprints with state-of-the-art technology can be relatively easily avoided.

Our ultrasonic fingerprint recognition sensor can detect the flow of blood inside the finger and actually prevent hackers from lying on a photo or mold device. This additional protection is called anti-spoofing, and takes additional fingerprint information and makes this solution unique in comparison to the inherited optical solutions.

Impulse reading also brings better performance from optical biometric passwords in different conditions and contaminants, including when your finger is wet or dirty. – Qualcomm

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