Thursday , September 19 2019
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The new Mac Pro is manufactured in China

When Apple released an old Mac Pro "bin," the company did a great job of making computers in the United States. When the new Mac Pro was introduced at WWDC, Apple did not mention production, and according to the Wall Street Journal it is because, like every other Mac, it is now being produced in China.

According to Quanta, Quanta is responsible for production. Today, the company manufactures many different Apple Macbook models. A factory near Shanghai will begin manufacturing preparations.

Apple told the magazine that final assembly is just one of the many steps in computer manufacturing and that the company spent more than $ 550 billion in 9,000 US contractors last year.

In addition to being cheaper than manufacturing in China, Apple had other manufacturing problems in the United States. Among other things, there was a report that the lack of a particular model of screws delayed the old Mac Pro for several weeks.

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