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The next cluster will soon be ready – the game of Söder's board will be here

AMF Real Estate continues to invest in a large industry hub. You are currently reporting on the latest in Magnus Ladulåsgatan's latest venture in Södermalm, where former Stockholmsverken will become the center of the Swedish gaming industry. In any case, this is a hope for one of the tenants, the Dataspelsbranschen company.

And with a real estate company, you have absolutely nothing against this description, just the opposite. Brunkebergstorg has recently opened Urban Escape, where Microsoft and the Netlight consulting company will be sitting amongst others. And that AMF Real Estate's most recent trend in creating meeting places will be no less clear from the fact that you've worked with affiliated sites like the Epicenter and developed Mood Neighborhood. Similar work activity, Park, already exists in the old workplace in Stockholm, which consists of two blocks and a total of 23,000 square meters of surface, which turns into a classic and perhaps not always understandable concept of soccer fields.

– It's a great interesting project. We started renting a year ago and now everything is rented. We want to create ecosystems in the places we have so we can offer those who live, work, and travel here, the content that contributes to their daily lives, "says Per Helgesson, AMF Real Estate Market Manager, and notes that it will be a new life in the neighborhood.

"The contrast is great compared to what these neighborhoods were three years ago. And Amex and SEB have left. There were two introverted companies in the financial industry, which meant that all of the workplaces in general had a shadow.

Along with the Park and Dataspelsbranschen, the game profile is as stated. One of the houses will soon be owned by Paradox Interactive with about 250 employees. Experiment 101, Ninjas in Pajamas, Fatshark and Glorious Games are other gaming companies that will be located in the premises. And it will clearly make its mark in that area. Next to the road is EA Dice and Epic Games.

Strömbäck, from the gaming industry industry, feels he is pleased that the industry is developing its sconces and that the bridge across the street can play a role as a bridge. At least it sounds excited about the fact that the area around Södra station makes another step towards becoming a real soft game.

– If you ignore Ubisoft in Montreal, where you have placed about 4,000 in the same block, there is no place on Earth that has so many game developers in such a small area as between two and two upgrades at Södra Station, he says and tells us that more needs to be done from meeting with a South Korean boy as a tourist in Stockholm and searching for Mojang.

– People here pilots who want to visit the companies where the games were made. Only in this case, a ten-year-old Korean liked Minecraft and wanted to visit the company. It was a self-portrait in front of the door. It may feel a little bad when you travel from South Korea. We have to do something about it.

Per Strömbäck hopes that he and the industrial organization will be able to implement their plans at a level, which is the collective name for the activities they hope to do when everything is in place.

– We have lots of fun and ideas about what we should do to get interested people. Everything from decorating the labor market to art exhibitions with art from a variety of games. At the same time, we are not that big organization in our office, so we're afraid to be blind for speed. But I hope, for example, we can have a souvenir shop with the remains of our members who are not here to buy them somewhere else so a far-reaching person has the opportunity to buy it. I think it would make sense for a guy from South Korea. That's the idea we have and we have a dialogue with our members.

He says the Swedish computer games industry generates about 15 billion kronor, which is roughly the same as the Swedish iron ore turnover. And that such a large and important export industry is so clear that AMF Real Estate is attracted to the idea of ​​a gathering.

– It's an industry that grows rapidly and operates in the world market. It is an export industry that has grown rapidly and we want to contribute to the identity of the industry. Our property owner's role is to create a good meeting place for the industry and enable development in the way we can. There are also courtyards that are a bit abandoned. Now we're trying to open three fantastic farms and squares that will be used to create new meeting places, says Per Helgesson, and can not give the exact date when everything will be ready.

– The park is already in place and in the fall the Paradox is moving.

The fact that Södermalm has just become the backbone of the gaming industry game certainly has several explanations. Per Strömbäck says district has always attracted creative industries. But he has another theory, where he also mentions Berlin, Barcelona and Venice Beach as similar areas with many games.

– We want to be in a crowd where there are creative industries. After all, it's about nurses who want to be cool, and then we have to make a little effort. Indeed, we are a collection of nerd for big t-shirts that want to bite burgers.

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In addition, there are Future Games and Forsbergs School programs.

In the nearby Hammarby Sjöstad there are two companies of Arrowhead and Mutate.

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