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Then subscribe to Expressen's "Latest News" in audio format

The latest government school and the news situation – or they deepen in topics such as economics and politics.

No matter what you want to listen to and when, you can easily find a summary of "Latest News" daily news and all Expressa podcasts through Google Help and all common podcasts.

"We know that listening creates habits and expectations, so it's great that subscribers can now subscribe to Expressen news," says Lena Aller stam, editor of Expressen.

Produce podcasts

You can also opt to subscribe to the "Latest News" with 15-minute news updates from Expressen and follow up on the current news.

– Google Home recognizes your first choice and gives priority to Express when our users are looking for today's news, "says Lena Allerstam, editor of Expressen.

"We've expanded our podcasts, and now you can ask your own" Your Money "gambler to launch an easy-to-understand Wall Decide Program and Just Policy with high-end studio guests every week.

Then subscribe to "Latest News" via iTunes

1. Open iTunes on your computer or mobile device.

Look for "Express Latest News" and open the pod.

3. Select "Subscribe".

Then select "Latest News" as the default news source on the Google homepage

1. Open the Google Home app on your mobile device.

2. Select the account icon in the bottom right of the app and click "More Settings" in Google Help.

3. Go to the "Services" tab and select "News".

4. Select "Add News Sources" and select "Express Latest News" in the list.

5. You can then say "Listen News" to the Google homepage to hear Expressen. You can also say "Listen Expressen".

Listen to Expressen's "Latest News" via Google Home

1. Start the dialogue by saying "ok Google".

2. Say "Listen to Expression" to start publishing the latest news. If you selected Expressed Latest News as the default news source, enough to say "listen to news"

Listen to "your money," "the right policy," and all other podcasts through Google Help

1. If you have an Android mobile device, hold the Home button to launch "Google Assistant". If you have an Iphone, download the "Google Assistant" app from the App Store and launch it. If you have a Google homepage, say "OK Google" to start the dialog. 2. Say "Talk to Express" or write using the keyboard on your cell phone.

3. Select to listen to podcasts by saying "poddar" or by pressing the "Poddar" button.

4. When you select a podcast, the assistant reads the titles for the most recent sections. Select the section you want to hear.

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