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Tommy Körberg in fake news about SR and "O Holy Night"

Körberg: Certainly because I give Åkesson a trunk


Tommy Körberg is used to spread false news in social media.

According to a fully-featured article, the Swedish radio would stop the "About the Holy Night" version that will be played on the radio.

"I'm giving Jimmie Åkesson's room on my performance concert, maybe it's out there," says Körberg.

Tommy Körberg, 70, bursts of laughter when he hears false news about his dissemination in social media.

"We had a lot of angry whites." Then in the title of False News from "Nya Allehanda" is located at The text claims that the Swedish radio stopped the version of "About Holy Night" by Tommy Körbers on Christmas.

Körberg: "Very rich"

There is also a press release from SR and a fictional "Kicki Duyulabmi" press head.

"This is a fake news, Donald Trump has already expressed that expression. He uses your common sense and understands it's malicious," says Tommy Körberg.

Although "article" is obviously false or satirical, he has received more than 8,000 Facebook shares, and in the commentary on Facebook, many have gone through the story.

"The happiest thing is that we have no opportunity to boycott SR and SVT – but we have to pay whatever we love about their offer – is not it a dictator!" Write a person who commented on the text.

"This Kicki Duyulambi is very persecuted? How did he work for SR?", The other person wrote about the so-called "print head".

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Tommy Körberg.

Radio Sveriges: "It's not true"

Tommy Körberg has doubts as to what people might be behind false news.

"It sounds like a joke to everyone who thinks HP's climate is too crowded. I'm writing about the Kjell Bergqvist poll, so maybe I think I have to get a crack on my right-wing population," he says.

"I'm giving Jimmie Åkesson's room on my performance concert, maybe it's from there.

On Twitter, several people listened to Swedish radio to ask why they stopped "Weekend Weekend", which led to the release of the company's social media editor and explaining what satire did not stop the classic joke.

"No, we did not forbid" About the Holy Night "with Tommy Körberg. It's a touch of a website that claims to be a satirical page. It's unfortunate if someone believes in it," writes SR in response to the user.

Prior to Christmas, several other news quickly spread to social media where many have shown themselves unsuccessful. Already on Wednesday, Aftonbladet wrote of rabies against a school in which brown beers were banned on a train in Lucerne – something that did not prove to be true.

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