Tuesday , May 18 2021

Tumultartat when Hammarby passed the domestic premiere

Nikola Đurđić took off his shirt in the celebration of what he considered to be a winning goal in 94 minutes. The judge convicted him for the offense and instead gave the yellow card for the celebration.

Nils Fröling gave Kalmar FF the lead in the first half and in the second Hammarby dominated overall, but managed to score only when Nikola Djurdjic confirmed it. There were no more.

"It's really crap to celebrate your goal with those fans and then see the flag on the floor. The next time I wait five, six seconds before I begin to celebrate, she says later.

After that situation It took a few minutes before the game started again, as it was bursting on the sidelines. On the stands, a small character made a VAR sign while the audience was opposed.

Some things have also been thrown out of the audience, says Judge Mohammed Al-Hakim afterwards.

"When we agreed well with Hammarby's cop, they sent some people there, and then we drove," he says.

The bench player Vladimir Rodić he rushed to the assistant of the judge, and he also got a warning.

– It is clear that it is not right for the player to heat up to get such an epidemic, says coach Hammarby Stefan Billborn after the game.

Sam Vladimir Rodić said he was sorry he was involved, not three.

– I'm not sorry. That's what I am. When I saw the situation on the TV screen, it seemed that Nico was in perfect position and avoided the outs, which was a clear goal, Rhodic said.

It was shown several times repeats the situation on large screens. And this has disturbed the judges more than Rodic's protests.

– Do I have to say what I personally think about it? I think that's a coincidence. There should not be repeats in the space. That's for hell. Because of our security, the games are immediately put on the line. Now that was not the case, but if it turns out that there was a mistake – I do not know if Daniel came from living there, says Mohammed Al-Hakim about his colleague Daniel Gustavsson, who agrees:

"That endangers my security," the officer said.

"Of course, the audience and the players are excited," says Mohammed Al-Hakim.

He says they are already it was clear they did not want to repeat, but now they will reconsider the matter.

Đurđić says he would like to see a video review in Swedish.

"Then you know how it is, then do not waste your time complaining and running for judges.

– I do not want to give it to the judges. I do not think it's okay. I think it's also a bit unjust for others in Europe to have VAR, but here they have to think about the centimeters.

On Sundays The intersection Hammarby has launched an all-season season with two 1-1 matches, and two points in the table.

Kalmar took the lead after half an hour, when Nils Fröling came off after the 18-year-old Ivory middleweight Kossounou Odilon slipped. A difficult mistake by the players Hammarby is hoping for.

In 67 minutes, Hammarby finally got a dividend for his domination. Nikola Đurđić nodded in the account at 1-1.

– We're doing enough to make more goals. We have to win this kind of match. We want to be a top team, says Đurđić.

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